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By: Dreams Unlimited  09-12-2011

I have set many goals in my life, some achieved, some still simmering on the backburner. I have ran the numbers, set the plans and worked the steps backwards..lowering my head and doing whatever was necessary to get the job done. I used the science and worked the S.M.A.R.T. system for goal setting. I knew the goal had to be "S"pecific and I knew I had to be able to "M"easure it. I needed to know that it was not out of my reach, that that it was physically "A"ttainable and "R"ealistic when I thought about integrating it into my life. Then most of all, what separated the Dream from the Goal was I had to put a date on it, it had to be marked in "T"ime. I had a vision, I had a plan, I could still aim high and then break them down into baby steps, one goal at a time.

But something was still missing…I hated the journey I was on and it felt like life was always just around the next bend. I learned long ago that life is not in reaching the finish line. There will always be another, and it is more in what I create along the way and in every step I make. It is in creating the foundation for myself and developing the strengths I want to nurture that will continue to influence my present state of being. I remember trying to paint the image of what I wanted to be. It created a shell that I suppose defined me. I tried to portray an image while on the inside I was fading. The gap or hollow that was in the centre of my being was lacking the spark of my heart fire.

I chose to reassess, to crash the image and give it all away. Start again from the very beginning with virtually nothing in my hands. I went to the core of who I was, I let go of my image and what I wanted others to believe. No longer would anything outside of me define who I was. This was my life and I chose to give it the nurturing that it deserved. I chose to eat humble pie and disregard others’ potential views of me. I went inside myself to find my acceptance and approval. I went to work, I pursued what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be and in turn I would let that speak for me…I didn’t know exactly how it would happen but I had a vision in mind and the presence of being to listen to my heart in the process.

I reexamined the goal setting ideas that were out there and I devised a new system, I call it getting "REAL". Letting the truth flow, I started with the first letter "R"eliable. I am a creature of habit and whether I like it or not my situations are based on an accumulation of action that has taken a lifetime to put together and no immediate changes will ever happen overnight. Any adaptations at a core level can only happen over an extended period of time and the first step was asking myself if the actions I plan was something I could actually see myself doing. If I have never been up before 8am, it might not be the most reliable thought that I could jump out of bed at 6am for the next month to get to the gym. If I managed to do it out of sheer will, I just might make the week, but if it is too outside of what I traditionally do, the chances of it sticking are slim. Drastic changes that are too immediate may not make it through the test of time and can simply slip away or even go back with extra reserves incase I try to change again or to make up for the imbalance that your body feels I just went through and next thing I know I am back to the way I was or even left with more work to do. No drastic changes will ever happen without drastic action, and unless your goal is to prevent and maintain any physical changes will have to happen from tipping scales.

Yet, I still believe in basic life, the key to creating new habits is to start small and integrate them into what I am already doing. I choose new behaviors based on something I could see integrating into my life with ease. Slowly over time I can adapt again and adjust myself around new pars but the first steps are always best bite size if I want them to stick. To slowly coax the change and demonstrate over time the new outcomes I am looking for, it is important to allow the habits to form naturally over time and continue to adjust as I go. The second key was in the "E"ssence behind it. The truth behind the action and why I am even doing it in the first place? What is the purpose and what does it mean to me to achieve it? If I was planning for an event, it would help to create purpose and develop focus in some areas but in whole, is it an action that I would enjoy doing? What is the experience I am looking for?

No way around it, what I do will greatly influence what I get. If it is simply some physical movement I am looking for, it is much easier to stay motivated if I enjoy it. Plus, there is a greater chance I will do it more often and enjoy the process in the moment rather than just having my eye on the goal. "A"ttitude, then comes in to play, even to the core of owning my role in it. It is important to go to the depths of my beliefs and make sure that they are in check with what I want to create. If the behaviors are too out of sync, the beliefs will always win in the end and do whatever is necessary to prove themselves right. It is in consciously choosing what beliefs I want to nurture and what attitude will best serve me in the end. Many new outcomes will be created simply by this small adjustment. As I am conditioned to only see what my beliefs are looking for, it is important that I keep my eyes open to all possibilities and not just look for what I am conditioned to see. In moving into the unknown the different elements of myself will do what they can to grasp some sense of understanding. It is hard for the Psyche to let it all go and allow new experiences in. Nothing in this life is truly proven and the only guaranteed outcomes come from doing the same thing I have always done.

Start fresh, start clean, the world is a blank canvas waiting for my brush strokes. There are unlimited possibilities at my fingertips, one step at a time. "L"ifestyle dictating our overall results. Having a plan is always good, especially if there is something specific I would like to obtain, but in the simplest of terms, what you give is what you will get. Being a professional in the fitness industry I have seen many plans and I always feel the best way to get anything is to just go out and obtain it. Rather then planning out all of my workouts and where they are going to fit and what I am going to do, how about I just get on the floor and do a push up or two? Instead of planning out my week for running, if I have a moment and enjoy running, I just go out and do it. I follow the science and listen to spirit and let my body and present state adapt to my actions and reflect in everything else I do too. Take life in balance and weigh it out as a whole, cover my bases and incorporate in a lifestyle that I enjoy.

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