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By: Dreams Unlimited  09-12-2011

The key to good health is balance. This involves learning to listen to your body in order to take care of your needs. Eat well, be active, and make sure to get your rest. Be patient, manage stress, build confidence and be aware of how your environment affects health. Most of all, have fun, enjoy life, set pictures in your mind of what you want and reward yourself along the way for the things you've done.

Heart, Mind, Body & Soul.

Feel it, Define it, Live it.


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I am constantly adding new stuff so make sure to check out the video main page and watch for all of the wonderful footage as it becomes available. Feel free to browse the sections for ideas or buy right there through amazon online. Stories, Guidebooks and Manuals are only a few of the many choices avaliable. Only the best books available make it on these shelves.


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Once I establish my own personal acceptance, not only in who I am but more importantly that I am the one choosing my outcomes, I am the one who needs to face my dragons. The space between them only exists until I apply the necessary energy to bridge the gap that is currently between my hands. I believe everyone is entitled to their own life, simple or complex that choice is as much theirs as it is mine.


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Instead of visioning the picture first and then breaking it down backwards and taking it one step at a time, we feel it is best to work from the inside out and let the vision manifest from what you create. We also believe in purposelful action - rather then just accepting exercise and doing it mindlessly, we always promote to have a purpose in mind.


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After fullfilling my essentials, I've found that most of the things I desire, work in or may consider being part of..could potentially be covered in one of five different areas. Rather then choosing say weight loss or new car, which you could break into 3 action steps, say for the weight loss essentially is exercise more then you consume.


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Drastic changes that are too immediate may not make it through the test of time and can simply slip away or even go back with extra reserves incase I try to change again or to make up for the imbalance that your body feels I just went through and next thing I know I am back to the way I was or even left with more work to do.