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Residential Septic Tank Cleaning

We recommend having your Septic Tank cleaned regularly. For a family of four, this would be an annual visit, while a couple could go every two years between services. The main purpose of the cleaning is to remove the build-up of solid material in the solid side of the tank. When this is not done, more and more solids will be allowed to migrate to your grey water side and ultimately to your Septic Field, which will lead to premature Septic Field failure.

Commercial Septic Tank Cleaning

We regularly service commercial customers who are not on City services and require frequent servicing of their Septic Tanks. This service can be on an “As Required” basis, or we can set up a schedule to automatically come and empty the Septic Tank.

Bulk Liquid Waste Hauling

We work with Municipal customers to move large volumes of material in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Commercial Sumps

We regularly service sumps of all shapes and sizes. From sewage lift stations, to wash bay sumps, we handle it all.

Grease Traps and Grease Trap Replacements

We have a dedicated vehicle that just services restaurant grease traps. This vehicle allows us to remove the grease from the grease trap and minimize undesirable odours in the kitchen as everything is vented outside where the truck is located. The work can also be scheduled around your kitchen hours do disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Septic Tank Pump Replacements

Septic Tank pumps do not last forever. They usually will fail at the worst possible time as well. We can respond quickly and take care of everything from emptying your tank to replacement of the pump or float.

Video Pipe Inspection

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is priceless. A camera can diagnose very quickly issues with drain pipes that may be causing you regular frustration. We can also locate precisely where the issue is, and provide an estimate to remedy the issue.

Flushing and Steaming of Drain Lines

We have two trucks, commonly called “jetters”. These trucks can flush drain lines of any size from 1.5” drain lines to 36” storm pipes. These would be the trucks used if you had frozen drain lines. If there is grease built up or debris in the lines, these trucks are invaluable and a cost-effective solution. The high pressure, heated water makes short work of most situations. We recommend a regular maintenance program for any restaurant or food service establishment as well as residential high-rises, to ensure all drain lines are flowing freely and expensive emergency call-outs for backups are kept to a minimum.

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Keywords: drain, Grease Traps, septic tank, Septic Tank Cleaning, Trucks, Video Pipe Inspection

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