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By: Dominion Protection Services  09-12-2011
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Dominion is a leading business risk consultancy and security provider. We offer a range of services in risk management, security and emergency services including consultation, analysis, training and assistance to the corporate sector.
The structure of our organization is tailored to bring specialized knowledge to each of our services. We are constantly researching and upgrading our knowledge base to bring you the highest level of security service in the areas of:

• On-site uniformed guard
• Mobile patrol services
• Access control
• Alarm response
• Special events
• Loss prevention
• Video surveillance


DPS offers full site specific review that will assess the level of potential threat faced by an individual, their families and/or their business.

From this review, DPS can provide close protection and personal security briefings for executives and their employees, whenever there is an increased threat level to their company or certain corporate individuals. These briefings improve an individual's personal security awareness and are tailored to suit the client's needs. The briefings include information on security at work, home or travel with emphasis on particular high-risk situations where operations are carried out. We re-act with foresight and intelligence to insure that every contingency has been carefully considered, analyzed, and planned.

If required, DPS utilizes both male and/or female close protection officers. These individuals, otherwise known as “Security”,work closely as a team to provide the best results and complete protection in a professional manner.

All Dominion officers have been trained with a higher set of in-depth security protection. Our supervisory and management staff is also versed in a variety of training programs including military martial arts and law enforcement. Our officers have completed internationally recognized close protection courses and have gained years of experience working within the civilian personal protection and security sectors.


• Executive protection
• Non-violent crisis intervention
• OHS&E Programs
• Male and female security officers
• Environmentally friendly green programs
• Private and internal investigations

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Commercial facilities require their own unique protective services. DPS has developed effective security protocols that offer 24/7 protection for our clients’ valuable properties in an environment of heightened security concerns. Dominion will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment catering both to our clients’ individual needs and also to the situation and the threats that may arise to the facility and its occupants. Our clients will then be provided a detailed and affordable design of a security system that ensures the safety and security of both facility occupants as well as the commercial property itself. The DPS commercial security plan may include security guard services, surveillance systems and installation of hidden surveillance cameras.
Our Building and Commercial Facility Security Services include customer service oriented officers who are specifically trained to handle emergencies that may develop in commercial environments. The security services provided include:

•  Executive Office Security
•  Retail Security
•  Construction Security
•  Concierge Services
•  Patrol Services
•  Hotel Security
•  Property Security
•  Access Control
•  Office Building Security
•  Multi-property and Shopping Mall Security


Taking safety and security precautions with both property and self a necessity in today’s fast paced society. DPS will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of our client’s property free of charge (over a $5000 value) for all new and existing clients. We will provide you with a detailed and affordable design of a security system that will ensure the safety and security of your property and protect the occupants.

From the initial assessments, DPS deploys an experienced security team to be on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, operating access control systems, monitoring CCTV, managing guard posts, screening any unwanted persons from entering the property, providing direct surveillance and quick reaction time with minimal after effects to any and all types of incidents. With daily duty report sheets and a variety of specialized reporting systems, Dominion clearly stands out as an industry leader.

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Dominion Protection Services will patrol your home or business location at random times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In these patrols, the security officer(s) will perform a variety of services, including:

• Perimeter patrol
• Internal/external check
• Full site surveillance
• Locking/unlocking of doors/windows

Dominion provides additional services such as direct door checks, interior and exterior patrols as required and requested. During each patrol, the security officer provides a complete and detailed daily report of all findings. This report is then given to the DPS supervisory staff who forward each report as instructed by our clients.

When it comes to protecting your commercial establishment, Dominion officers are at the top of their class. They are selected for their professional demeanor, attitude and ability. Our mobile patrol officers are trained to respond instantly and professionally. As the situation warrants, they will call for back-up via appropriate city service officials, such as police, fire department or ambulatory/paramedical services.

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Dominion Protection Services will respond to client alarms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our 24/7-response unit is always able to respond to an alarm or after hours access to any business quickly and efficiently.
Responding to an alarm, our unit will carry out a full interior and/or exterior perimeter check depending on the client’s site-specific information and the relevance of the response itself. After the situation is resolved, you (the client) will receive a complete mobile alarm response report detailing our findings.
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Security Risk Analysis
Dominion Protection Services assists businesses operating in a rapidly changing world with a detailed in-depth analysis of how the latest security developments affect their operations and personnel, as well as the overall functionality of each specific property.
Our clear and objective analysis can enable companies to keep operating in often complex and sometimes hostile environments. It reassures staff, enables continuity and safeguards our clients overall profitability and safety.
DPS is an industry leader in security risk assessment and can tailor our services to meet your every requirement. Dominion Protection is the only Protection firm that offers these services to our clients in our city.
Threat Assessment
Questions of safety and security are often asked by corporate executives and high net-worth individuals. DPS provides our clients with rational, practical and effective answers that adhere to the highest levels of safety and security protocols.
Our Personal Security Survey and Recommendations is designed to evaluate your risk of:

• Ambience control
• Workplace violence
• Internal theft
• Intentional & unintentional injury

The survey also addresses non-deliberate threats of:

• Illness and Medical Emergencies
• Disaster Control
• Accident Prevention
• Direct Safety Functions


With surveillance, there is no substitute for experience on the job. All of the DPS surveillance officers have a minimum of 5 years field experience and have encountered a variety safety and security situations. This wide-ranging experience assists all officers when verifying an injured workers status, monitoring warehouse activity or confirming suspected criminal activities. Surveillance and paper trail documents are the strongest and the most commonly used evidence when presented in court.
DPS surveillance investigators have been trained on how to use appropriate pre-texts to obtain important information prior to going into the field. This reduces times of inactivity, and minimizes missed apprehension or documentation opportunities.
DPS can also provide counter surveillance, which protects our clients and their property against third party surveillance and unwanted publicity. Our on-call management has the resources to set up emergency site management measures with emergency control center initiation and optimization.
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Keywords: Alarm Response, risk assessment, security guard, Surveillance

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