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By: Dnv Columbus  09-12-2011
Keywords: Structural Integrity

With increasing regulatory pressures and an aging infrastructure, DNV can provide the tools and expertise to help you get the most for your maintenance dollars and preserve your assets safely, reliably and dependably. DNV's group of pipeline and pressure equipment experts has developed several tools to enable our expert staff to integrate and evaluate data in an efficient and effective manner. These comprehensive tools will help you maintain vital information about the risks and remaining life of your infrastructure. Combined with industry practices, these state-of-the-art tools can support decision making, providing the technically-sound data needed to defend your program to regulatory agencies.

Pressure Analysis
DNV can characterize the severity of fatigue loading and SCC growth rate along the entire length of a pipeline, as well as at discrete points along the pipeline. In the pressure analysis, both static and cyclic stresses on a pipeline are determined. Variations in the pipeline design and operating characteristics are taken into account. With this information the likelihood and effects of corrosion growth and the probability of a failure can be determined.

In-Line Inspection Analysis
We have the unique capability to validate data obtained from one or more ILI survey. We can compare results from multiple surveys and provide valuable information, such as areas of accelerated corrosion growth or calculated burst pressure ratios and their compliance with industry regulations. Our ILI report card summarizes the entire condition of the line through the use of simple tables and customized, relevant graphs. Our ILI report card provides a user-friendly, easily-understood picture of the condition of your pipeline. The ILI report card identifies trends, identifies where new corrosion growth has occurred between two surveys and identifies estimated corrosion growth rates for matched features.

Remaining Life
Our analytical tools help determine the remaining life of your pipeline system. We provide state-of-the-art flaw evaluation techniques and inelastic fracture mechanics to evaluate the structural integrity and remaining life of pipes and vessels. Our expert staff can then perform probabilistic and deterministic fatigue crack and SCC growth simulations and help formulate cost-effective validation and repair programs, as well as determine optimum re-inspection intervals.

Probability of Exceedance
With the Probability of Exceedance (POE), DNV's expert staff can evaluate the likelihood of a leak or rupture occurring on your pipeline now or in the future based on ILI data and tool specifications. We can provide optimal timeframes for when and how frequently maintenance should be done to maintain POE value. Our analyses go a step further, using DNV Columbus' proprietary databases of tool performance and material properties.

Data Integration
Vast amounts of data are compiled in maintaining the integrity of a pipeline. If these data sets are not integrated, then trends or correlations in the data may be missed. The Integrity Scroller integrates data from ILI, CIS, pressure, soil, etc. to get a complete and accurate picture of the integrity of your pipeline system. This complete snapshot can then be used to make cost effective decisions on the integrity management of the pipeline.

The Integrity Scroller displays data in multiple layers in a chart that can be searched for  specific conditions along the pipeline and, with the scrolling feature, move quickly along the pipeline to analyze similar conditions. This allows you to assess combinations of conditions relative to each other.

Defect Assessment
When unique situations arise, DNV can use in-house expertise to help determine the severity of a defect, how to proceed and when it may become a critical defect. The tools used by DNV can analyze the complete range of threats to pipelines.

Facilities Integrity Management Programs
DNV goes beyond regulatory and industry assessments and utilizes vast pipeline and process knowledge to help you safely and responsibly obtain maximum value from your facilities, equipment and people. Our proficient staff of engineers provide assessments such as routine API 510, 570, 579 and 653 methods; however, in addition to the basic assessment, you receive expert guidance and support to take your existing systems to the next level and incorporate elements of continuous improvement.

The strategy for developing and implementing a Facilities Integrity Management (FIM) program is unique for each owner/operator. As a result, no single approach best suits all plants and facilities; therefore, DNV tailors your program to your facilities specific needs and concerns. We provide a framework for developing a comprehensive FIM program using a balanced approach of assessment, monitoring, mitigation and life extension.

Keywords: Structural Integrity

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