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By: Dnv Columbus  09-12-2011
Keywords: corrosion, failure analysis

When failures occur, it is important to conduct a detailed failure analysis and obtain the results of the analysis in a timely manner. The results of a failure analysis can often prevent repeat failures, increase safety, optimize day-to-day operations and provide needed information for materials selection.

DNV provides the expertise and experience you need when components fail. Our expert staff utilizes cutting edge laboratory and modeling tools for determining the mechanism/mode and root cause of failures. Our extensive experience includes numerous high-profile failure analyses involving state and federal officials.

In the event of a failure, DNV can provide on-site supervision and laboratory results verbally or via report within one month of commencement of a project. Our reports are of the highest quality in both description and documentation.

We perform failure analyses of both metallic and non-metallic components. Typical failure mechanisms/modes and contributing factors encountered include:

• Fatigue/Corrosion fatigue

• Creep

• Mechanical damage

• Environmentally assisted cracking (SCC, HIC and SSC)

• Oxygen concentration cell corrosion

• Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

• Erosion corrosion

• Weld defects

• Thermal and chemical degradation of gaskets, seals and other non-metallic materials

• Explosive decompression of gaskets and seals

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Keywords: corrosion, failure analysis

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