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By: Dnv Columbus  09-12-2011
Keywords: corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Engineering

Since our inception in 1985, CC Technologies, now DNV Columbus, Inc, has been a leader in the corrosion engineering field. We offer a full range of corrosion management services, including assessment, monitoring, modeling and mitigation.

The first step in managing a system's integrity is the identification of potential threats. DNV has expertise in evaluating various threats, including internal corrosion, external corrosion and stress corrosion cracking (SCC). We play leading roles in the development of direct assessment (DA) and provide renowned expertise in all areas of DA (internal, external and SCC). We also have American Petroleum Institute (API) certified inspectors and have developed procedures and software to conduct inspections, assess the integrity and confirm fitness-for-service of facilities based on API Code 570 and Recommended Practices 574 and 579.

Monitoring corrosion rates directly or related parameters allows for the implementation of appropriate corrosion control measures, resulting in system or component life extension. DNV has the expertise to assist you with your monitoring needs related to both internal and external environments, including cathodic protection (CP) effectiveness, coating damage, microbiologically influenced corrosion and chemical treatment effectiveness.

DNV provides expertise in all corrosion mitigation techniques including CP, coatings, material selection and chemical treatments. Not only can we design extensive corrosion mitigation plans, but our research scientists can run tests on these systems, simulating the environment of your structure in our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities or utilizing advanced modeling methods.

Our professional staff utilizes state-of-the-art tools to assist in the assessment of conditions affecting the corrosion and corrosion control on structures. These tools include advanced computer modeling of corrosion and CP systems for analyzing things such as current density, surface potentials, potentials in surrounding electrolyte, and electric/magnetic fields. This allows us to predict the performance of impressed current and sacrificial CP systems and review multiple design scenarios in a relatively short time. We can also design for optimized anode placement and current distribution and determine current requirements for adequate protection.

Other modeling capabilities include flow modeling of gas and liquid systems for determining locations where corrosive fluids and/or solids may accumulate. DNV also performs detailed high voltage alternating current modeling to assess conditions under which pipelines can be subjected to interference as a result of induction of an AC voltage onto the pipeline from HVAC transmission systems. This is a concern to pipeline owners and operators from both safety and integrity standpoints.

Keywords: Cathodic Protection, corrosion, Corrosion Engineering

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