By: Dkn Global  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lights, Pressure Washers, Time Clocks


In DKN Global Inc., we pride ourselves in the quality of our services to our customers realizing that our customers are our most valued asset. When you contact us, our sales and service team are 24/7 here to partner in the growth of success.

Solar Power Generation

These services include but are not limited to the following items:

     - Sales & Installation of Solar panels

     - Solar Street Lighting - including high security systems

     - Solar Aviation/Marine Lights

     - Solar Pumps

     - Solar Security/Spot Lights

     - Solar Garden Lights

     - Solar Architecture/Roofing

     - Solar Agricultural Dryers

Industrial Payroll Solutions

     - Integrated Access Door Controls

     - Biometric Hand & Finger Readers

     - Time Clocks

     - Date & Time Stamps

     - Payroll Badge Systems

Industrial & Residential Pressure Washers

     - Gas Motor Pressure Washers

     - Electric Pressure Washers

     - Car Vacuum Cleaners

     - Car Polishers

Keywords: Car Vacuum Cleaners, High Security Systems, Lights, Pressure Washers, Time Clocks,