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By: Discovery Dental  09-12-2011
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Orthodontic Treatment

Nothing has more impact than a beautiful smile, and this can be easily achieved by ensuring the proper alignment of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment has come along way in recent years with computer aided diagnosis and appliance design, painless tooth movements and shorter treatment times. Most orthodontic treatments can be accomplished in as little as twelve to twenty four months. The improvements can last a lifetime.


The simplest way of achieving a brilliant smile is to whiten one’s teeth. This can easily be achieved by applying a harmless gel to the teeth for a period of two weeks in the comfort of your own home. A custom whitening mouth guard is fabricated for you to be worn during sleep until the desired result is attained. For patient’s wanting the ultimate in whitening, Dr. Hughes has an in office treatment that adds a “WOW” factor that has to be seen to be believed! Consult our in office brochure to see amazing results!


The replacement of missing teeth has changed drastically over the last decade. For those individuals who suffer from less than their full compliment of teeth, technology has provided the ideal replacement. Implants are small cylinders of specially coated titanium that serve as replacements for missing tooth roots. The implants serve as a foundation on which to put replacement teeth. Any number of teeth can be replaced by implants, and implants can also be used to secure loose partial and complete dentures.

Restorative Treatment

Repair of damaged or broken teeth can include services such as root canal treatments, bonding, crowns, onlays, bridges, veneers and simple fillings. Technology has provided many innovative solutions for the repair of broken down teeth. The most exciting of which is CEREC dentistry. Materials that mimic missing tooth structure can now be designed and manufactured in our office with the help of computers. This CAD/CAM technology provides for the fabrication of crowns (caps) while the patient waits, thus eliminating a second appointment and having to be anesthetized a second time. Dr. Hughes and his staff are highly trained in this treatment modality and would be happy to discuss its potential for your particular circumstances.

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

With the advent of bonding technology, we can now revitalize discolored, malformed, or misaligned teeth by placing thin veneers of porcelain over them. These thin layers of porcelain are extremely strong and very esthetic. You’ve probably seen they’re application in shows like “Extreme Makeover”.

White Fillings

The most common type of treatment that we do is the placement of white or composite fillings. These are economical, esthetic restorations that have ushered out the use of silver amalgam filling material. We have a very strict protocol for their placement which results in a long lasting, pain free restoration.

Laser Gum Tissue Sculpting/Remodeling

The remodeling of unsightly gum tissue can be accomplished quite easily with the use of laser technology. Postoperative healing is rapid and typically there is very little pain associated with the treatment.

Digital Radiography

Hi tech digital radiography means 90% less radiation exposure when compared to traditional x-rays. Although radiation from dental x-rays has always been extremely low, new technology allows us to lower exposure levels even more. In addition digital radiographs can be much more diagnostic than their previous counterparts. This means earlier detection of problems and more conservative treatments.

Laser Diagnosis of Decay (Diagnodent)

Another high tech innovation is the use of lasers for the early diagnosis of decay. In the past, the profession has had difficulty in diagnosing certain types of decay. With the advent of lasers we are now able to explore the surfaces of teeth with a special laser that detects decay that may otherwise be undetectable. It virtually takes the guess work out of diagnosing problems relating to cavities.


Protecting your teeth can prove to be valuable on a number of fronts. It not only protects your ability to chew and present a nice smile, but it can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in costly dental bills.

Nightguards can protect your teeth from the damaging effects of clenching and grinding (bruxing), and greatly reduce the incidence of headache pain. Few people realize that almost everyone grinds their teeth. More than eighty percent of people are unaware that they do it! What's more, ten times as much stress is placed on teeth when bruxing as opposed to normal chewing.

Mouthguards are the perfect solution to protecting teeth while participating in sporting activities. They are custom made for each individual, and result in extremely comfortable fit.

Keywords: implants, Orthodontic Treatment, teeth

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