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By: Dirtt  09-12-2011

Healthcare Applications

The accessibility and universal furniture and equipment support of DIRTT Walls make them ideal for healthcare environments. Initial construction, daily operations and potential reconfigurations occur with the least amount of disruption, waste and noise. Design opportunities for patient comfort and efficiencies for staff are endless due to the parametric nature of the system.

Other products and services from Dirtt


DIRTT Environmental Solutions - Sliding Doors

DIRTT’s Sliding Doors bring further freedom by being non-handed for reconfigurations, with optional locking versions and elegant styles. The Sliding Door not only saves real estate it frees your design layout from the oppression of the swing door. It worked in 8th century Japan and it still works now.


DIRTT Environmental Solutions - Breathe

Breathe mounts to the tile layer of the wall, can be retrofitted on existing DIRTT walls, and mounted to any flat, vertical building surface: gypsum, concrete, stone, etc. Designers can incorporate Breathe living walls, or interior plantscapes, to bring nature indoors and beautify and detoxify interior spaces. Breathe™ is a simple system for incorporating plants into DIRTT Walls.