Software Installation For Retailers and Wholesalers

By: Dimensional Business Group  09-12-2011

We will consult with you, and make sure you have the necessary hardware to run our software effectively.

Once we determine that you do, we will install our software on your computer(s). We will test the program to make sure it's running properly.

Then we will work with you to set up the program for your business. For instance, we will help you set up your:

  • Locations
  • Suppliers
  • Level Tables (Inventory Grids)
  • Departments
  • Seasons
  • Categories/Sub-Categories
  • Collections
  • Tax Rules
  • Discounts
  • Currency Types
  • Sales People
  • Pricing Groups
  • Promotions
  • GL Accounts
  • Gift Certificates
  • Prepaid Services
  • Etc.

Now not all of this will apply to you. It depends on the system you're using. But we'll help you with this.

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Data Conversion For Retailers and Wholesalers

We just finished a FashionSense conversion, so if you're using FashionSense now and want to move to our system, the timing is right. Are you leery about upgrading your Point of Sale System because you don't want to lose the valuable information in your old one. So we have 17 years of experience transferring data from outdated systems into our new ones. We will move over your customers, suppliers, and inventory. This is a valid fear.


Business Consulting for Retailers and Wholesalers

Everyone involved in Dimensional has extensive backgrounds in business, retail, technology, and accounting. We often give away consulting hours to our support clients as well.


Software and Hardware Training - Phone, Internet Or In Person

How much training you need depends on which system you are using, how much of it you are using, and how trainable your staff is. We don't charge for travel time, but we do charge for the expense of getting to your location. We can train you over the phone and Internet or we can train you onsite. We will customize a training package for you.