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By: Digitalhomes  09-12-2011

Imagine . . . .

It's been a long day and it's time to relax. A little Jazz would help you unwind. You walk up to the picture of your daughter last year on the beach. A tap of the screen reveals your entire CD collection sorted by Artist, Album, and Song. Each is identified visually by its album art. With a couple more taps on the screen, selected songs from your favourite CDs begin to play. As you head back to the sofa, the touch screen returns to the next photo in your collection.

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DigitalHomes Canada :: Services - networking

Based on our unparalleled expertise in network and wireless security, you can be assured that your personal information remains private, and that your office connections are secured. With a well-planned network from Digital Homes, you will be able to take advantage of all the incredible advances in home entertainment, control and computing for years to come.


DigitalHomes Canada :: Services - whole home media

Digital Homes puts your entire entertainment collection at your finger tips in any room of the house with our Whole Home Media solutions. Best of all, you can set up an unlimited number of playlists - for every member of the family, for every mood, and for every event. Tired of trying to find your favourite music buried in your 200 CD jukebox - or worse, in that pile of CDs on the floor.


DigitalHomes Canada :: Services - home theatre

We'll help you navigate the dazzling selection of televisions, surround sound systems, speakers, and remote controls in customizing a solution that meets the demands of your eyes, ears and budget. Whether it's a dedicated room with seating for 200 or the corner of your busy family room, Digital Homes can create an exciting home theatre for you.


DigitalHomes Canada :: Services - automation

It's easy to underestimate the impact and importance of your lighting, security, and environmental (heating, air conditioning, irrigation) systems in making your home comfortable and safe. Consider the effect of your lights dimming, your fireplace lighting, and a soothing jazz song starting up all at the push of a button. Imagine your home lighting up to welcome you as you drive up.


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Get Independent Audio zones for each room of your house with full control of volume and song / playlist selection - not just basic source selection. CRT, Plasma, LCD, Front Projection, Rear Projection - there are a lot of choices out there. Select any artist, album, song or playlist fron an in-wall or mobile colour touch screen. Discover the convenience of digital music with this perfect starter system.