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By: Digisites Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Delivery Systems, Data Replication, Information Transfer

DigiSites WITSML Systems Suite

DigiSites Software Ltd. offers secure real-time wellsite data standardization and delivery systems that can be deployed either on the rigs or in the remote offices. Authorized users can utilize real-time monitor capability of the systems to respond the changing conditions on the wellsite quickly to enhance decision making.

DigiSites adopts the latest wellsite information transfer standard markup language (WITSML) which was an Oil industry initiative sponsored by top oil companies and services companies. As of the completion of WITSML V1.3 in Dec 2005, DigiSites software Ltd. started to develop our innovative WITSML systems suite. Our goal is:

The “right time” seamless flow of well site data between operators and service companies to speed and enhance decision-making.

DigiSites WITSML systems suite provides the following components:

DigiSites WITSML Server

DigiSites WITSML Server is the core system in the systems suite, with our state-of-art XML database technology it fully supports WITSML 1.3.1 API standard and data types.

The Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) is a standard for sending wellsite information in an XML document format between business partners. XML schemas are used to define the content of an XML document. Our WITSML server now supports the following 22 types of well data.

Well, Wellbore, BHARun, opsReport, Tubular, Rig, Formation, Log, Message, Trajectory, MudLog, WellLog, RigData, SurveyProgram, Realtime, Risk, FluidsReport, CementJob, TrajectoryStation, Target, ConvCore, SidewallCore

DigiSite WITSML Server can be deployed on a rig, in offices or combined in order to support data replication among multiply servers seamlessly.

DigiSites WITSML Server supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as the standard communication protocol to ensure your data can only be accessed by authorized users. The user manager console allows the administrator to set up right access level for each user or group.

Digistes WITSML Server provides two web services and an admin console:

Store web service allows wellsite data to be stored, modified, deleted and queried using WITSML query templates.

Publish/Subscriber service allows authorized users to subscriber data channels. Once the wellsite data are available, DigiSites WITSML Server will publish the data to the specified URL.

DigiSites WITSML Server Admin is a console to manage WITSML servers, user accesses and configurations. It also provides small utilities like Query template generator and viewer to enable administrators closely watching the status of the servers to make sure problems can be spotted and addresses promptly.

DigiSites LogView

DigiSites LogView offers an integrated platform to disply LWD/MWD/Mudlogging/Lithology data in real-time. Logs can be viewed as graphic and text based. Each user can specify the log header settings based on their own experiences. Once it’s set up, the settings will be remembered for that user.

Users can define a query template to choose the static logs they are interested in, they can also subscribe the real-time data so that they can monitor the activities on the wellsite. The currently undertaking alarm system project will work with other DigiSites components to alert users the upcoming events.

Using our LogView/WITSMLAccessor .NET class library, users can develop their own viewer tools to embed into their existing systems. This applies to all components in our systems suite.

DigiSites 3D TrajectoryView

With the help of DigiSites 3D TrajectoryView, directional drilling specialists can monitor the operations of directional drilling and make sure targets are hit, by subscribing the trajectory data on the DigiSites WITSML server. They can observer what is really happening under ground and perform geosteering accordingly.

DigiSites WITSML Subscriber

DigiSites Subscriber is a tool that can be used as standalone application or together with other components. DigiSites Subscriber has implemented the default WITSML standard, users are able to specify URL to which WITSML servers will push data once available. DigiSites Subscriber also enables TCP based communication which is wildly used in industry.

DigiSites Subscriber includes a DigiSiteRecv web service and an extendable TCP based subscriber (listener). With the standard subscriber, users can set up the subscriptions and data will flow into the desired TCP port.

Like other DigiSites components, users can always develop their own subscribers using our DsSubscriber .NET class library packaged with the systems suite.

DigiSites WITSML Aggregator

Aggregator plays the role of interface between rig sensors, data acquisitive equipments and the DigiSites WITSML Server. It collects 22 types of wellsite data based on WITSML protocol and other well known industry standards such as LAS, LIS etc, also a convenient console is provided to allow operator to input data if necessary.

To integrate our DigiSites WITSML Server to your existing applications and systems, you don’t need to re-design your systems, simply develop an interface using our object-oriented class libraries and APIs, you are ready to go.

Service companies and the drilling contractor increasingly can supply data in WITSML format. Suppliers of data have lowest common denominator needs for data aggregation. The WITSML standard is the perfect way to accumulate this data.

Some suppliers still supply data in older WITS or proprietary format. DigiSites Software can assist companies in constructing adapters to transform such data streams to WITSML.

Keywords: Data Replication, Delivery Systems, Information Transfer

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WITS has been wildly used by industry for more than 20 years, Oil & Gas operators, service companies and vendors have developed a lot of applications, equipments employing WITS standard and they will still be available on the marketing for a while, you may possess them as well.