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By: Dhol W Dr  09-12-2011
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Clear Orthodontic Blog « Clear Orthodontic Solutions, Bankers Hall – Darin Ward DDS

Calgary, Alberta Orthodontist provides light wire Crozat, Kernott, and ALF appliances.

The Crozat light wire orthodontic appliance, in place behind the upper teeth.

  • of its minimally invasive size,
  • its relative invisibility when in the mouth,
  • and its physiologic forces and versatility of what can be accomplished, which is only limited by one’s imagination!

What is a Crozat Light Wire Appliance?

The Crozat light wire orthodontic appliance, in place behind the bottom teeth.

What is a Crozat? Its a light wire orthodontic appliance invented and popularized in the early 1900′s by Dr. George B. Crozat (1894-1966). Dr. Crozat was a graduate of the Dewey School of Orthodontics in 1916 who practiced in New Orleans, Louisianna.

Dr. Crozat preferred lighter forces when moving teeth that he felt would give nature a chance to “express herself” and would allow the natural forces of function to have an influence on the positions of the teeth. To Crozat, this allowed changes in muscle function that were as important, if not more important, than the specific tooth movements.

In children, Crozat appliances allow nearly invisible development of the dental arches to make room for permanent teeth and avoid painful extractions. The light forces of Crozat appliances are far more gentle and physiologic than those of and bulky acrylic “jack-screw” appliances that “rapidly expand the palate.” Since it’s a removable appliance, the Crozat allows better oral hygiene for both adults and children.

The popularity of Invisalign® has shown how important it is for many patients to wear appliances that make the orthodontics “invisible”. Crozats fill that need very well. For example, they have been ideal for many patients who are “ITB” (i.e., “in the (acting) business”) in California, precisely because they can be removed at times when filming takes place. While Invisalign® is not usually indicated in the mixed dentition for child actors, Crozats can often work well at that time because they can be continually modified when necessary. For adults, Crozats are often even more inconspicuous than Invisalign®. If fixed appliances or Invisalign® are utilized in combination with Crozats, the Crozats will minimize the amount of time in braces or aligners.

I am grateful to have been fortunate enough to learn about Crozat arch development from the AAGO, and that I can offer this great service to the patients I serve here in Calgary, Alberta!


Special thanks to my colleague Brian Hockel, for allowing me to use text and photos from his article in “The Crozat Approach to Orthopedics and Functional Orthodontics”, The Journal of the American Orthodontic Society, Vol. 9, Issue 3., Summer 2009. If I can be 1/11th the dad Brian is, I’ll be doing great!

Keywords: Orthodontics, Permanent Teeth, teeth

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