Dencom Inc. WAN, and ATM

By: Dencom  09-12-2011

Dencom provides individual consultation or classroom training on the Idacom/PT Series protocol testers for the following areas:

  • Operation of the PT (ISDN, Frame Relay, X25, SS#7 and other supported protocols)
  • PTRemote
  • Conformance Testing
  • Interactive Test Language (ITL)
  • Test Script Development
  • Message Set Development

Custom programming and test script development on the Idacom/PT Series protocol testers are available for the following areas:

  • ISDN (Layer 3 variants include ETSI, QSIG, N-ISDN, AT&T, NT etc.)
  • Frame Relay (Layer 3 variants include Q.933, T1.617, FRF.4)
  • X25, SS#7 and Other PT Series Supported Protocols
  • User/Network Call Simulation
  • Central Office Simulation
  • Call (load) Generation
  • Custom Message Sets
  • Default Configuration Files

The following Idacom/PT Series Test Scripts are available from Dencom:

The following Idacom/PT Series Applications Notes are available from Dencom: