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OfficeShark Virtual Private Desktop from Data Shapers Inc

By: Data Shapers Inc  28-03-2011
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OfficeShark Virtual Private Office for Mac/Windows Home and Small Business 2011 is a yearly subscription for a Virtual Desktop accessible from either Mac or Windows devices.

• Virtualized access to your documents and information wherever, whenever
• Collaborative tool for individuals or organizations to share information
• Secure access to your network from any device
• All you require is an Internet connection and a web‐enabled device
• Access to Microsoft Office wherever you go, whenever you need it
• Data is secure, backup up and accessible 24/7
• Load any applications or software that you require
• Best of both worlds, run a Mac and Windows Operating system on one device
OfficeShark Virtual Private Office for Mac/Windows Home and Small Business 2011 helps the
individual, family or small business work in the Cloud. You’ll never have to worry about losing your
critical data because your computer crashed or was lost or stolen. All you need is an Internet connection
and a web‐enabled device and OfficeShark Virtual Private Office allows you to ‘go green’ and access
your valuable files, music, pictures and software on the go, wherever you are, while being
environmentally conscious. It allows you to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues to share
and access your Virtual Network seamlessly.

All Plans Include:
• Windows 2008 License
• Open Office
• OfficeShark Support
• Acrobat Reader
• McAfee Antivirus
• Firewall Protection
• Data Protection Provided
by ebackup Inc.
• SQL Server 2008 Express
• FireFox
• Chrome
• Safari
• Internet Explorer

OfficeShark Home Office Plan Includes:
1 OfficeShark

OfficeShark Small Business Includes:
1 OfficeShark Desktop
Select Web Hosting
• 1024MB RAM • 1GB RAM • 10GB Bandwidth
• 10GB Disk Space • 20GB Disk Space • 2000MB Disk Space
• 300GB Bandwidth • 500GB Bandwidth • Database Licenses
– 1 MySQL
– 1 Microsoft SQL Server
• 100 E‐mail Addresses

*Any software or applications you require can be added to your OfficeShark Virtual Private Office

For more information on this product please contact.
Jay Harris
Strategic Director
Leadstone Group
[email protected]
(403) 537‐1148

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