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By: Danic Geoconsulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Oil, Software Development, oil and gas

Geological exploration consulting services for the petroleum industry. Danic geological consulting services specializes in oil and gas exploration and production data used in application software, database development, geological mapping, spatial trend analysis, custom programming, data mining, data transformation, legacy migration, foreign data conversion.Danic GeoConsulting is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Application Services
Danic-Geo provides a complete array of custom oil & gas exploration solutions. Using the most modern software development tools, and programming in languages, we deliver faster solutions to our clients. Data Services
Danic-Geo specializes in converting raw data into working form. We have never run into data we couldn't handle. We are experts in raw and algorithms. Mapping Services
Danic-Geo provides a complete range of mapping services. From legacy map conversions, merging of data sets, gridding and contouring, to visualization. We find trends. Then, we build companion databases that analyze, re-work and output to your external applications. Consulting Services
to discuss how we can help you gain significantly greater value from your in-house E&P data.

Keywords: custom programming, Geological consulting, Geological Exploration, Mapping Services, Oil, Oil & Gas Exploration, oil and gas, Software Development

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Other products and services from Danic Geoconsulting


Danic GeoConsulting - Application Services

Client Software Integration and Bridging Solutions Custom bridging solutions for seamless inter-application communication. Geospatial Pattern Analysis Custom solutions to process and analyze data from different sources and perspectives. Web Scraping (data harvesting) Custom solution to extract data from the internet, intranets, or data archives. Asset Management Custom applications to import, process, store client assets in a central location.


Danic GeoConsulting - Data Services

Using the best programming and platform technologies available, we deliver custom projects to our clients in a fraction of the time. Our solutions are adaptable to virtually any concept or idea, and are a product of successful customer collaboration. We provide end-to-end processing solutions so our clients can derive greater value from their E&P data. Image Conversions Programmed procedures to convert and modify raster images.


Danic GeoConsulting - Mapping Services

We output to all commercial files (geo-referenced, application proprietary or print-ready formats) for client download via our secure web server, or to E-size plotter output at 600dpi or continuous feed. Using the most current hardware systems coupled with our in-house proprietary GIS, and, we are able to manipulate huge data sets.


Application Services - Geospatial Pattern Analysis and Data Mining

Reverse geocoding point locations to fiducial grids-reverse geocoding point locations to entities-reverse geocoding point locations to geological environments. Geospatial Pattern Analysis and Data Mining Custom solutions to process and analyze data from different sources and perspectives.


Application Services - Software Integration and Bridging Solutions

Filters for input data-central database in universal format-additional data tagging (geo-referencing, keywords)-resampling, transforming-data export procedures and batch import programming. Client Software Integration and Bridging Solutions Many specialized applications work with proprietary input and output formats.


Danic-Geo Consulting Services

Interpretation and Evaluation Use E&P data sets, geospatial trend analysis, predictive analytics and databasing in innovative ways. Our data processing and consulting services enable our clients to gain significantly greater value from their in-house E&P data. Raw Data Acquisition and Management Oversee complete E&P data acquisition cycle from beginning to end.