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By: Cw Consulting  09-12-2011

At CW Consulting, we are in the business of serving our clients. Below is a list of some of the types of services we provide.

We can implement and integrate a computerized accounting solution which will fit your needs. We specialize in Adagio accounting software and provide sales and full support.

CW Consulting will put your new system into operation smoothly, with minimal disruption to your ongoing business activities.

Implementation is united with training, either individually or in groups. Our goal is to have management and staff proficiently elated with any and all changes to their accounting routines.

Our prompt support is always available, either interactively via the internet, by telephone, or on-site when appropriate.

We encourage our clients to stay current with technology. However, upgrading can cause temporary turmoil to your system. Therefore, we pay special attention to managing the timing and process of your upgrades, to minimize interruption and maximize your benefits.

CW Consulting will turn your accounting data into production intelligence, through customized management and financial reporting.

Highest priority is given to database repairs. If you have an accounting catastrophe, call us immediately.

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CW Consulting, Calgary - Adagio Not For Profit

Wouldn't it be great if they could get their own reports themselves as long as there was no way they could mess up your ledger. Managers are responsible for different projects and they always want up-to-the-minute reports. Tracking your funding and expenses is very important.


CW Consulting, Calgary - PayDirt Payroll

Adagio users also often have union-style payrolls with many benefits, accruals and deductions - often with difficult formulas and calculations that they usually have to do in spreadsheets or track in manual ledgers because their current payroll system can't do them. Many Adagio clients require the ability to easily departmentalize the accounting coming from payroll to the multiple accounts and departments in their Adagio Ledger accounting.