Custom Water Solutions Service

By: Custom Water Solutions  09-12-2011


Service is of paramount concern in the philosophy of Custom Water Solutions Ltd.

When we refer to service we are not just referring to the excellent consulting and information that we provide our customer with during the sales process, nor are we just speaking about the service given when installing any of our products.

What we are referring to is the ongoing service provided to our customers for as long as we are needed even if this is 10 years down the road or more. In fact we will always be proud to help our clients even if they have moved beyond the boundaries of the reach of our company.

Our service is complete. When you become our client you will no longer have to worry about when your equipment needs to be adjusted, cleaned, components replaced or upgraded. In fact unless something unexpected happens you will not even have to contact us because we will contact you when service needs to be performed.

We will keep you abreast of changes or problems in the industry and make you aware of all future options for whatever equipment or service that we are providing.

We like to call it The Peace of Mind Service.

Did you know that we will even service equipment that was not even purchased or rented from us, provided we have the necessary parts for repairs. If you merely need cleaning or filter replacements we will also be willing to take care of you.

From the beginning to the end of the equipment life cycle and then beyond once you become a client of Custom Water Solutions you become a client for life.