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By: Crypkey (Canada)  09-12-2011
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Casper & Site Key Generator Library

  • Adding automated software activation to your licensing process frees up your manpower and allows your customer to start using your product right away

Automated, web-based software license verification using product serial numbers

Casper eRegister provides automatic authorization of CrypKey protected product licenses using software serial numbers. With this solution, the customer pre-pays the license fee and is then provided with a serial number to automatically obtain a code to unlock the software via the Internet. Casper eRegister works 24/7/365, without human intervention.

The features of Casper eRegister are:

  • software license authorization via a serial number verification process
  • supports web and e-mail communication for authorizations
  • CasperWeb user interface for streamlined product and customer information management
  • eTransfer facilitates CrypKey licenses to be moved from one computer to another via the Internet
  • detailed reporting including Excel format
  • all customer and product information can be exported to Microsoft SQL Server

Pricing Options

Purchase - install the CASPER software on your company's server.
Hosted - save on infrastructure with one of our affordable hosted options

CrypKey's Hosted CASPER Activation Service Offerings

  1. 500 for 500 CASPER Internet 24x7 Activation Service
  2. CrypKey's Standard CASPER Internet 24x7 Activation Service

1. 500 for 500 CASPER Internet 24x7 Activation Service

The licensing for any existing CrypKey Instant or SDK protected product can be automated using CrypKey's 500 for 500 hosted CASPER Internet activation service. No set up fees! No contract!

For each payment of USD $500, you receive:

  • 500 random serial numbers ready to be validated for up to 2 Product Codes (license types) for your CrypKey protected product. Example: 400 standalone serial numbers + 100 - 10 network seat serial numbers.
  • First batch of 500 serials valid for 24 months. Subsequent 500 serial batches each valid for 12 months.
  • Each subsequent product code setup or serial number batch request: $150 per request.
  • Each activation report request: $85 per request.

2. CrypKey's Standard CASPER Internet 24x7 Activation Service

You may want to consider CrypKey's standard hosted CASPER activation service if you:

  • Have SDK Enterprise (license File expander) protecting your product(s).
  • Need guest account access to CASPERWeb for the purpose of bumping the number of times any serial number can be used for activation purposes.
  • Need guest account access to CASPERWeb for the purposes of querying the database and creating activation reports.
  • Need to support a subscription sales model whereby CASPER can periodically check the status of any serial number and if the customer's subscription status is paid, then the serial number can continue to be valid to allow the subscription period to be extended.
For a one-time set up fee of USD $500 plus $200 per month paid in advance of each month, you receive:
  • Up to 10,000 random serial numbers ready to be validated for up to 5 Product Codes (license types) for your CrypKey protected product
  • Up to 1000 activations per month. Each activation over 1,000 per month billed at $1 per activation.
  • Guest account access to CASPERWeb
  • Back-up automated e-mail authorization for users not connected to the Internet
  • Each subsequent product code setup or serial number batch request: $150 per request

The system requirements of Casper eRegister are:

  • Pentium 4 or Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz microprocessor with 4G RAM and 1G free hard drive space
  • 1024 x 768 resolution display
  • Windows 2000 or 2003 web server (standard editions)
  • SMTP/POP3 mail account for e-mail communication
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) version 4-6 for Internet communication

Site Key Generator Library

Software developer library to custom build a licensing interface

Site Key Generator Library provides the tools for you to develop a customized licensing process to fit your company.

Use Site Generator Library if you want to:

  • License using a link to your website
  • Develop integration and links to other in-house software systems
  • Tighter licensing control.

CrypKey SKGL benefits developers who need a solution for interfacing their software with a database or providing tighter distributor licensing control. Developers can create SKG applications with screens and functions to support individual business requirements. They can also build applications that can be merged into existing business solutions. For example, CrypKey SKGL can link the authorization process to an existing database application, such as a tool used to track customer information. CrypKey SKGL can also integrate license management into an existing e-commerce solution, which allows registered users to obtain a license via their web browser.

CrypKey charges a one-time fee per company for CrypKey SKGL; this applies to all CrypKey-protected products.

The system requirements of CrypKey SKGL are:

  • CrypKey Instant or CrypKey SDK
  • Windows 2003, XP, Vista , Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
  • 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU recommended minimum
  • 1G of RAM recommended minimum
  • 2GB hard disk with a minimum of 650MB of free space recommended minimum
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