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By: Creative TSI  09-12-2011

Remember the first day in your new home? Before any of the boxes got unpacked…the stereo had to be set up! After all, a house isn’t a home until you’ve christened it with your favorite songs! Creative TSI can help you create the soundtrack of life with whole house, multi room audio systems that deliver music to every room! There’s a system for every budget, and options whether it’s new construction, renovation, or a finished home. Creative TSI will recommend the best new equipment, and ways to use the technology you already have! Our design team specializes in creating a system that you’ll love to use now, and one that’s prepared to upgrade when future technology comes along!

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Audio/video System, Sound System, Home Theater

Creative T-S-I can recommend speakers of all types to cater to the needs of your space…free standing, in wall, ceiling mounted…even hidden throughout the room. It starts with a customized wiring configuration in the walls and ceilings that connects to a central hub delivering sound and video to a space. The secret behind a leading edge Audio Visual system is actually behind the scenes.


Commercial Automation | Creative TSI

Keep your space well lit and heated or cooled during business hours and events, and make sure every light is turned off at the end of the day…a Creative TSI system is designed to conserve energy without ever having to manual adjust the thermostat, or flick on and off a series of lights.


Control | Creative TSI

From a handheld universal remote designed to get rid of coffee table clutter, to a collection of networked touch screens…handheld, table top or wall mounted. Creative TSI designs and programs your controllers to be not only reliable and functional, but easy and fun to use. We can also give you complete control and feedback from your system with reliable remote access over the internet.


Automation & Integration, Home Automation, Smart Home

Creative TSI can take all the elements that keep your house running, and design an automation system that you can control from one easy to use interface…imagine lights, heat, A-C, security, audio/video, cameras and entertainment running in perfect harmony…a harmony you can control from anywhere.


Commercial Systems | Creative TSI

Imagine your sports bar showing every game, on tons of screens…AND having control of the picture and volume of each one from customized tabletop or hand held controllers. Creative TSI can make your current system more efficient…or help you launch a brand new set up to elevate your business. The right soundtrack and ambience can completely transform a retail space, restaurant or boardroom.