Executive Fit Reports

By: CounterpartMatch.com  02-03-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Staffing, recruiting

Our premier product designed to provide highly detailed information and prediction on the fit between an applicant and your organization.  The report provides accurate predictions of five leadership styles, detailed personality analysis with six major factors and 23 sub-facets.  It identifies how adaptable the leader is to new environments, risk taking propensity, and a detailed breakdown with graphs on how they fit to your organization culture.  It predicts turnover, engagement, job satisfaction and much more!  All our reports are evidence based and validated from over 10 years of research on selection and fit.  Stop guessing and start CounterpartMatching!

  • Overall Fit of the Leader and Organization
  • Predicts five leadership styles
  • Turnover Intentions
  • Leader Adaptability
  • Adaptive Fit to the Organization (for best predictions)
  • Six Major Personality Factors
  • 23 Personality Sub Facets
  • Impression Management detection (faking good)
  • Risk taking propensity

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