Advanced Fit Reports

By:  02-03-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Staffing, recruiting

Our advanced fit reports predict with a very high degree of accuracy how an applicants' workplace values and personality fit with your organization's culture.  A detailed graph is provided showing how the applicant's values match to your culture so you can identify where there could be issues.  In addition to this raw fit information, our advanced reports also determine how Adaptable the candidate is to different culture environments as well as how universally attractive your company is to potential applicants. This allows us to present a highly refined and predictive  'Adaptive Fit'  metric.  Another added feature is an 'Impression Management' meter which determines whether the candidate appears to be 'faking good'  to make a good impression.  Adaptive fit is then used to accurately predict likelihood of turnover, job satisfaction, engagement, and perceptions of fit.  You also receive a full personality profile with the major six personality dimensions as well as 23 important subfacets so you really get to know the person you are hiring and how they might react to their environment.

  • Overall Fit of the Applicant and Organization
  • Adaptive Fit
  • Applicant Adaptability to new environments
  • Impression Management meter to catch faking
  • Six major personality variables
  • 23 sub facets of personality
  • Detailed graph of your company culture and applicant values

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