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By: Coresulphur  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sulphur, Sulphur Bentonite

Solutions at Your Service

Given global expansion and regional compliance needs, CoreSulphur services a variety of industry sectors with particular focus on delivering:

Sulphur Forming Opportunities for Refiners

PROBLEM – Refiners and other producers of sulphur as a byproduct generate large amounts of molten sulphur involuntarily.

SOLUTION – CoreSulphur offers sulphur conversion solutions that minimize upfront capital expenditures. CoreSulphur’s core expertise is in building, funding and operating sulphur forming plants as part of a complete outsourcing program utilizing drop-forming technology – which is the preferred option. This program eliminates the need to operate non-core toxic facilities with unqualified staff and ensures ongoing plant maintenance, staffing/training and product quality with diversified and profitable options.

Sulphur Fertilizer Opportunities for Agricultural Manufacturers

PROBLEM – Fertilizer manufacturers need diversified portfolios to meet larger crop needs.

SOLUTION – Jointly with its partners, CoreSulphur produces and markets top-quality sulphur bentonite fertilizers. CoreSulphur’s highly-trained personnel provide project services for the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of sulphur bentonite and sulphur micronutrient fertilizer plants – marketed as Core-Drop Turnkey Sulphur Solutions.

Delivering superior manufacturing expertise specific to sulphur fertilizer production, CoreSulphur uses Core-Drop strategic equipment partners that enable the modification of equipment to enhance product quality. While drop forming equipment is a reliable and mature technology, the production of sulphur-based fertilizers with this equipment requires extremely specific operating skills and extensive training.

Additional Profitable Formulations

As sulphur is a vital nutrient for crops, animals, and people, it is used to manufacture numerous higher-margin products including medicines, road construction chemicals, paints, rubber products, fibers, sugar, detergents, plastics, paper and numerous other solutions.

In combination with Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash (NPKs) and other micronutrients, additional formulations can be created using sulphur as a carrier. NPKs and micronutrient metals can be emulsified into the liquid sulphur batch tank and formed with the Core-Drop process. CoreSulphur and its partner(s) can also formulate new solutions with a variety of Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron and other micronutrient mixes resulting in an extremely uniform, low heavy metal, agronomically sound and leading product in its field.

For example, this combination is particularly beneficial to sugar cane growers in South Florida. Using a prescription blend of zinc, manganese, copper and iron, the sugar cane growers can satisfy both their micronutrient needs as well as their sulphur needs. By enabling the delivery of this combination into one product decreases the growers’ workload and offers nutrients to plants throughout the entire growing season without the concern of leaching losses and groundwater contamination.

Keywords: Sulphur, Sulphur Bentonite