By: Contracts And Claims  09-12-2011

SERVICES CLAIMS Representation of contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers or financiers
respecting claims or variation orders:
  • Preparation of construction claims;
  • Preparation of contractual claims;
  • Preparation or review letter and formal claims or change requests from
    developers, consultants or contractors.  (Formal claims in Brief form prepared by
  • Preparation or review of engineers' or experts' reports for clarity, evidence and logic;
  • Address claims from $100,000 to   tens of millions of dollars;
  • Prepare or review letter and formal responses to claims from Project Manager,
    PM,   or Construction Manager, CM;
  • Revise and finalize letter or responses to claims in collaboration with Contracts
  • Check or prepare spreadsheets or quantify claims in collaboration of   Contracts
    Manager or PM or on behalf of contractors;
  • Interview, meet or communicate with  PM or CM  and verify or investigate
    (binders) etc.;
  • Assist contractor or PM or CM with legal reasoning and drafting as required;
  • Construe contracts relating to claims, change orders;
  • Review technical responses of PM or CM to ensure clarity and suggest
    amendments, documentation  as needed;
  • Attend sites and document review;
  • Draft responses as required;
  • Assist PM or CM, in matter of days or weeks, depending on how well written claim
    and response are, to resolve  claims/disputes on scale of $20,000,000 USD;

See checklists PROCUREMENT
  • Tender strategy;
  • Preparation of Requests for Tenders with Scope of Services supplied by PM or CM;
  • Respond to tender inquires in collaboration with PM or CM;
  • Review and prepare assessment of Financial and Technical Packages
    responding to Requests for Tenders;
  • Draft Report on Review of Financial and Technical Packages;
  • Attend meetings with clients, Tenderers;
  • Drafting Letters of Award;
  • Prepare Contracts with Scope of Services/Works supplied  by engineer, PM or CM;
  • Meeting tenderer to sign Contract;
  • Attend meetings with PM or CM, Tenderers, clients, to resolve Scope of

CONTRACTS Services to consultants, lawyers,  contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers,  
corporations or financiers:
  • Research of best form of contract respecting transactions or projects;
  • Research of checklists  respecting transactions or projects;
  • Due diligence review of contracts and procedures;
  • Audit or document review;

  • Preparation for mediation, arbitration or tribunals;
  • Representation at mediation, arbitration or tribunals;
  • Acting as arbitrator;

  • Develop, formulate and maintain contracting plans ;
  • Evaluate pre-qualification responses and prepare report for bid list approval ;
  • M aintenance of contractor database ;
  • Review of individual packages workscopes to ensure best commercial basis in
    line with contracting plan thereby establishing items and cost not yet tabled ;
  • RFP (Request for Proposal) or ITT (Invitation to Tender) preparation, issue,
    detailed evaluation, and once provided with technical/engineering  scope ;
  • Ensure achievement of best commercial and contractual terms prior to RFP or ITT;
  • Formulation and approval of commercial bid tabulations and reports ;
  • Formulation and execution of standalone contract documents ;
  • Manage approved project man-hours for discipline ;
  • Ensure that contract administration files are maintained in a clear auditable
    manner ;
  • P ost award changes including obtaining timely project approvals ;
  • Promote claim prevention, lead claim negotiations and progress to satisfactory
    settlement ;
  • Expedite early final account agreements and contract close out activities in
    collaboration with accounting and quantity surveying team;
  • Support core functional objectives and support of the Engineer, Project Manager or
    Construction Manager.


The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011