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By: Continental Electric  09-12-2011

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.
Exclusive Factory Representative In Alberta

Hyundai Heavy Industries use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Assisted Design (CAD) methods to develop and produce the most innovative motors from state of the art and fully automated manufacturing facilities. Compared to other high efficiency motors, Hyundai's premium efficiency motors guarentee better performance.


Marathon Electric

Since 1913, Marathon Electric has been dedicated to providing customers with quality products for targeted applications. Located in Wausau, Wisconsin, the company is composed of two strategic product lines: motors and generators.


Lafert NA
Stocking Warehouse

Lafert NA is the sole North American representative for the Italian-manufactureed Lafert IEC motor lines and SITI metric line of gearboxes. Lafert NA is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and has been supplying IEC metric motors to Canada, the United States, and Mexico since 1989. In July 1998, Lafert NA received the sole North American distribution rights to the SITI line of metric gear reducers, also produced in Italy.



Get introduced to the industries broadest line of energy-efficient electric motors and adjustable speed drives. Learn about the newest additions to the product family. Our searchable catalog helps you find the exact product you are looking for, including the ability to view CAD layouts, connection diagrams, performance data, and other related information.


Other products and services from Continental Electric


Continental Group - co cleaning

You will reduce harmful air emissions from toxic chemicals and ultimately reduce employee health risks through exposure to hazardous solvents and you can also reduce secondary waste volume. Dry ice particles vapourize on impact as they lift contaminants from the surface, without causing surface damage to the substrate. It allows you to clean equipment without disassembling or masking, and online cleaning eliminates downtime penalities.


Continental Group - electrical field service

Our team of 75+ electricians are capable of providing 24-hour around the clock services to some of Alberta's largest companies in the petrochemical, forestry, food processing and mining industries. This could include repairs, installation of new equipment, connection, and set up of variable frequency drives, moving, and reinstalling of existing equipment, and disaster restoration services.


Continental Group - transformer services

Continental Electrical Motor Services has over 27 years experience in the manufacture and rewinding of coils and transformers and is able to provide you with the most comprehensive coil and transformer design, manufacture, and rewind service available. Continental Electrical Motor Services is an outstanding source for on time, on budget, safe, and affordable transformer rewind and repair services.


Continental Group - Electric Motor Service

All repairs and rewinds are delivered back to you in better-than-new condition backed by our industry leading repair warranty. Used for AC and DC motor stators, armatures, field coils, transformers, and applications such as lifting magnets. A motor winding that undergoes VPI is virtually impervious to oil, moisture, and chemical contaminants.