CompuTouch touchpad services

By: Computouch  09-12-2011

Our consultants have acquired considerable knowledge and experience working with various polling products over the last 15 years. From our perspective, we are often surprised at how little clients expect an interactive keypad system to deliver. Our aim is to raise that bar, and allow clients to get maximum value, whether they have purchased their own system or have engaged CompuTouch for an event.

Our full service rentals include the polling technology and personnel with strong technical capabilities to run it. But that is just the base line. If the client is interested in exploring how the system might be used for the greatest benefit, then we are delighted to be able to discuss possibilities.

  •  Stand-alone polls in a linear string are useful for some purposes. But it might be worth considering posing the questions as a process with comparisons and juxtapositions.
  •  Would it add value to know which group answered each poll which way? Profiling respondents can lead to better analysis, either during the meeting or for post-meeting analysis.
  •  Not all questions need to be cast in stone before the meeting. Consider polling the results of a brainstorming session, or breakout discussions.
  •  Why not use the keypads at the end of the session instead of the usual paper feedback survey? It’s quick for the participants, it is instant feedback for the organizers, and the participation rate over paper surveys is invariably larger, and usually close to 100%.

CompuTouch will apply our expertise to:

  •  Ensure prospects purchase the best system for their purposes.
  •  Support users with thorough broadly-based knowledge.
  •  Train users to be able to use their systems independently and with confidence.
  •  Provide design expertise for those purchasing a system, or for someone using it for a single event.
  •  Provide full rental services for events of all sizes.
  •  Facilitate the polling process and the exploration of the results during the event, if desired.

Our clients include consulting firms, multi-national corporations, government agencies, pharmaceutical firms, not-for-profit associations, and others. Below are some of the processes and applications that our staff has been involved with in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan:

  • Compensation studies, employee surveys
  • Control risk self assessment, enterprise risk management
  • Annual general meetings - motions, resolutions, and officer elections
  • Conference plenary, breakout sessions
  • Conference feedback / evaluation
  • Training and evaluation / testing
  • Continuing medical education (CME) meetings
  • Fun events, game shows, group competitions, team building
  • Association meetings - planning, ranking, prioritizing items
  • Continuous improvement / readiness for change workshops
  • Corporate culture assessment
  • Project evaluation / review meetings
  • Budgeting / strategic planning
  • Town hall meetings
  • Corporate ethics workshops
  • Medical clinical trials training
  • Focus groups / market research
  • Corporate governance
  • For a quote or for more information on how OptionFinder / OptionPower / ppvote might enhance your meetings, in Canada and around the world, please contact us.