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By: Compuflip Software  09-12-2011
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CompuFlip Services

Software Development

Time to market is one of the most important aspects for any software development firm. How to achieve fast time to market while adhering to the constantly changing regulations and evolving technology standards? How to manage internal resources and utilize offshore/outsourcing talent to the highest benefit? CompuFlip believes that the right development team with proven software Development methodology and process framework is the answer to many of the challenges in achieving the desired time to market while maintaining top quality of work.

CompuFlip Development Methodology for Projects

• Iterative Planning and Development

• Prioritize Tasks Based on Business Impact

• Identify Risks Early; Addressing Risky Items First

• Utilize Searchable Database of Lessons Learned

• Maximize Communication between Client and CompuFlip Teams

Mobile Devices

With the launch of Apple’s Iphone, mobile applications have never been so exciting. Our expertises allow entrepreneurial individuals as well as small to large corporations to quickly enter into this rapidly developing area. Compuflip has some of the industry’s most talented mobile application developers that design and build programs for Windows based, Blackberry and Iphone mobile devices. If you require a partner to bring an idea to life, need a business application built of modified or need a unique way to create brand or product awareness, Compuflip has the talent and expertise to help.

Quality Assurance

A known fact that independant quality assurance is standard in industry, to ensure the quality assurance of software, typically, compuflip client make use of our QA team who are highly trained QA experts and are train to ensure the industry standards.

We not only provide testing itself but complete quality assurance services which mean a planned systematic pattern of actions that ensure the developed system conform to technical requirements.

Rapid Prototyping

CompuFlip has the experience, tools and methodology to quickly analyze the idea and rapidly produce a prototype or a proof-of-concept, which allows to scope out the project together with the client. This capability is a result of a investing time internally and working with clients who at times change business goals or don't provide project specifications.

•  CompuFlip extensively uses Visual Construction/Programming toolsets to produce presentable and functioning models;

•  CompuFlip utilizes existing 'plug-n-play' frameworks for most standard software components, including:

•  User Interface

•  Security and authentication

•  Database record management

•  Workflow

•  Rich content management

•  Focus. When something is needed fast, you have to be extremely focused yet free to experiment. If the communications and task management are properly set up, the freedom helps a great deal;

It's exciting to work on rapid prototyping projects! You accomplish tremendous results in a short period of time (and don't have to worry about debugging for now)!

SEO Services

CompuFlip a is focused on helping businesses achieve greater success by leveraging their Internet Marketing investment. We help our clients develop a cohesive Internet Strategy that will lead to more sales. With a Search Engine Designer on board compuflip knows the core of search technology and has edge over other SEO company in term of optimizing any specific website for a set of pre-determined keywords.

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization with a proven track record of helping businesses achieve higher search engine rankings. Our strategy and design philosophies will help drive more qualified leads from your website.

Our services cover all aspects of sales and marketing as it relates to implementing Internet Strategy. Listed below are some of the specific services we offer

Keywords: quality assurance

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