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By: Cirrus Environmental  09-12-2011
Keywords: management services, Risk Management, risk assessment

Risk Consulting

Services provided:

  • Integrated risk management services
  • Human-health risk assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Financial risk assessment
  • Business continuity management and crisis readiness
  • Business continuity planning
  • Risk management function review
  • Emergency response planning

Risk assessment and management

Cirrus has both the technical resources and the considerable experience necessary to be a valued partner in the assessment and management of “risk”. We work closely with your management team to identify and manage risk across a variety of disciplines.

We have at our disposal, a number of innovative analytical tools, both off-the-shelf and proprietary, which have been fine-tuned on a wide variety of public and private projects. These tools can be scaled to meet the financial requirements of both small and large-scale projects. Our goal is to help you make effective and timely decisions while providing the support to help defend those same decisions to all affected stakeholders including: senior management, boards of directors, land owners, regulators and other public organizations.

We can provide the resources to help an organization initiate and build the internal structure necessary to support a focused and structured decision process that focuses on probability, possible outcomes and severity. Our decision and risk analysis methods help to identify a stakeholders' true risk tolerance and then build management tools to reduce, or in some cases increase the risk threshold – based on costs benefit cost analyses.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Recent changes to corporate governance, pension legislation and the income trust structure in Canada have brought environmental and social risk to the forefront of the mainstream investment community - and nobody is quite sure how to deal with it.

From the corporate perspective, the global business environment is fearsome place that is complex and constantly changing. Societal expectations and competitive pressures place demands on companies that can far exceed what is required by laws and legislation. Risk assessment of environment and social issues is particularly challenging because many aspects cannot be measured in quantitative terms. Ironically these intangibles are of increasing importance when trying to determine the true value of a company.

The investment community on the other hand always wants a measure of certainty. It is always looking for direct correlation between share price, corporate performance and a reliable means of profiling risks faced by each company. Markets as a rule do not like uncertainly. Fund managers are often frustrated by inconsistent and incomplete information provided by companies. This fact is often exacerbated by a lack of in-depth knowledge by fund managers concerning complex and multi-faceted environmental issues - and the corresponding influence of social pressure on these.

Cirrus, and our diversified risk consulting group draw upon a variety of backgrounds in science, engineering and finance to help you improve reporting, remove uncertainty and instil confidence with all your stakeholders.

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