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By: Chinook Mall Family Dental Clinic  01-03-2014
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These days, most people have probably heard of teeth whitening. It's something that seems to have become rather popular all around the globe. Everyone from TV presenters to music stars seem to have an extremely bright smile. Almost anyone can have a white smile, and who knows, maybe it's all you need to improve your self-image. Anyone wondering how they actually work should know that the active ingredient in most is a bleach called peroxide. Throughout the market you'll find many different products, but the strength of each can differ considerably. For instance, the level of peroxide in some products might be 10 per cent and in other it could be 22 per cent. There are also a number of different products out there, such as Zoom teeth whitening, products which bleach the enamel. You can try what's called in-office bleaching, which is a procedure that's performed inside the office of the dentist. Oftentimes, the whole thing is over within an hour and you can go back to work or go home. Some say that one of the drawbacks of this is the expense involved, it does save time. Trays and gels are another option people use. They can a be very effective method for using at home, but usually take longer than the in-office technique. The length of time it takes often is dependent on how strong the teeth whitener is so no clear answer can be given. You wear a clear tray in the mouth for a few hours a day, maybe overnight, and gradually the smile gets whiter. Although the process can take from a few days to a few weeks, it's usually much cheaper then the in-office method. You can get kits, such as zoom teeth whitening kits, online and even over the counter at your dentist. However, they do tend to charge more. A newer method than trays and gels is the strips technique. It utilizes strips that have the peroxide bleach on them and these go across the teeth and are left there, not unlike trays. It has, however, been reported that these may take longer to produce results than gels and trays, but it could depend on the level of bleach in the strip. You can get special toothpaste that has special abrasives that are said to whiten. Some of them have chemicals and polishing agents specially designed to whiten. Many of them fight the stains and clean more effectively than, say, the usual toothpaste from the supermarket. They do not work in exactly the same way as gels and strips because they are not actually bleaching. It would be remiss not to mention the many other items out there that purport to make a smile brighter and whiter. Things like chewing gum, dental floss, regular toothpaste and mouthwash may make the breath taste a little better but they are not products used to whiten. Usually, these would be used in cooperation with the whitener. When choosing teeth whitening products it may be hard to pick from the vast array of products out there. However, by knowing your budget you should be able to choose a method that's right for you, whether it's zoom whitening or not.

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