By: Celazome Skin  09-12-2011

Discover a radiant and youthful complexion with these gentle yet effective cleansers, toners and masques.  With products formulated specifically for each skin type, these basics provide the foundation for fabulous skin. Celazome Essentials will rejuvenate any skin, from acne-prone to dry and delicate, into a glowing, healthy complexion.

Each of these formulas restores and maintains the skin’s natural balance through a combination of natural botanicals and scientific innovation. Specially blended bioactives like Lavender Oil and Green Tea Extract gently cleanse, refine, and soothe the skin. Meanwhile our technology moisturizes and hydrates from within.The result is naturally beautiful, youthful looking skin.

Even more effective when used together, these luxurious cleansers and masques wash away impurities and dead skin, not only leaving the skin beautiful and healthy, but also preparing the skin for further treatments.

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Anti Aging Eye cream | Anti Wrinkle

Formulated especially to care for the fragile skin around the eye, these products are ideal for reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles which comes with aging. Lush formulas include ingredients like Vitamin C and botanicals, along with proven wrinkle-reducing peptides, to fight signs of aging naturally and gently.


Acne Cream | Acne Products –

These products are ideal for teens with trouble skin or adults with cyclical breakouts, making them an exceptional option for acne control and treatment of specific skin conditions. Formulated specifically for oily, acne-prone, and problematic skin, Celazome’s O-PLEX System works to remove blemishes and prevent future breakouts. Complex Origanum targets acne conditions thoroughly and gently, leaving skin clearer and more refined.


Face Moisturizers | Facial Moisturizer Lotion

Full of ingredients like antioxidants and natural extracts, each moisturizing formula not only replenishes skin’s natural moisture, but also promotes strong, healthy skin. As a finishing touch to a daily skin-care routine, these moisturizers will leave skin looking more firm and healthy. Formulas for every skin type ensure that every face will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


Pampering products for youthful, radiant skin

Celazome has a gentle, effective solution for every skin-care issue, from acne control and blemish elimination to wrinkle reduction and lip plumping. Each treatment is formulated with a specialized blend of natural bioactives, nourishing the skin via hydration, through our patented formula. Indulge all kinds of skin with Celazome’s collection of skin-specific regimes and specialized products.