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The Canadian Down Syndrome Society is a national non-profit organization providing information, advocacy and education about Down syndrome. The CDSS supports self-advocates, parents and families through all stages of their child’s life. The CDSS provides:

  • Up-to-date information through the CDSS website for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, educators, caregivers and professionals.
  • Publications, including the CDSS quarterly newsletter 21.
  • Toll-free information line: 1-800-883-5608.
  • Resource centre and library.
  • Network of over 50 Down syndrome groups
  • New Parent Packages containing a wealth of information for new and prospective parents.

Congratulations should be the first thing a new parent hears!

This national curriculum, developed in 2008, was designed to assist local groups, affiliate members, professionals and community leaders interested in implementing a developmental program to help new parents of a child with Down syndrome. The goal of the program is assist in the development of a program in locations across Canada in which parents of children with Down syndrome will visit and provide support to new parents.

The objective being that new parents will receive a visit from another parent or team that has taken the New Parent Visiting Program training offered by CDSS. This training and guidebook for leaders focuses on the relationship and experiential benefits between new parents and parents who have experienced the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.

Topics addressed in the curriculum and training package include an introduction to Down syndrome and information on designing a customized program for your locality. The program guide and training also includes:

  • The new parent visiting process
  • Strategies for a visiting program
  • Understanding cultural diversity
  • Listening skills
  • A understandable description of Down syndrome
  • The adjustment process
  • Developmental milestones and growth charts
  • Professional involvement
  • Early intervention and education
  • The rights of parents and siblings
  • Resource list including websites
  • A training and resource booklet for all students

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society is excited to offer this program for your group or organization at no cost. (Travel expenses to your location for the Program Trainer apply). A CDSS staff trainer will provide extensive training and follow up consultation with a focus on positive learning and support techniques.

For more information or to schedule training in your area contact Kirk Crowther at CDSS, 1-800-883-5608 or via our


The business of supporting other people to live in the most rewarding way possible is sometimes puzzling and unclear. We bring our roles, experiences, intentions and preconceptions to the way we support people with disabilities. But how can we ensure that we are promoting the abilities and diversity of the people we support?

The focus of this innovative training will increase organizational and individual awareness about people with developmental disabilities, and enhance your organization's knowledge and ability to deliver quality services to all people.

The CDSS Service Relationships and Down Syndrome Information Workshop curriculum and training program can meet your organizations specific needs and requirements. Appropriate standards of practices, services, and procedures that are consistent with your organizational objectives and policies will be addressed through a comprehensive written training manual and the full day workshop. Exploration on how specific services affect people with Down syndrome and developmental disabilities are identified.

CDSS staff trainers will facilitate a full day workshop in your community including exercises and scenarios related to your agency's mandate and agendas. Training will address the implications of decisions based on people of diversity and changing the assumptions of providing service to people of vulnerability. Social awareness will be identified as a critical component when a social service organization provides assistance or care. The training program is participation based with a focus on your local community environmental factors. An agency-specific written curriculum guide is included for each training participant.

Information provided at the full day workshop would include:

  • CDSS Vision and Mission/Services/Perspective of Down syndrome
  • Down syndrome Information (Description of Down syndrome/facts)
  • Social Role Valorization
  • Access to community services
  • Advocacy of people with Down syndrome
  • Plain language accountability
  • Community Inclusion/Equitable opportunities
  • Vulnerability of people and families with Down syndrome and why they are less likely to access available community resources
  • Best practices in your community
  • Ongoing consulting services available from CDSS

Keywords: Children With Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome Society, Syndrome Society

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parents helping parents new parent visiting program

This project will allow those students to apply what they have learned about health systems, determinants of health, population health assessment and prevention in a novel grass roots approach. Members of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society have been invited by the University of Calgary to participate in a project for medical students within the Faculty of Medicine.


Parents Helping Parents: New Parent Visiting Program

Receiving information from someone who has shared similar experiences is often more reassuring and comforting than receiving the same information from an individual somewhat removed from the situation. The Parents Helping Parents Program is a program in which parents of children with Down syndrome will visit and provide support to new parents of children with Down syndrome.