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By: CCS  09-12-2011

Since 1977 BECK Drilling & Environmental Services Ltd. has been providing geotechnical, environmental, and geological coring services to Western Canada. With over 75 drill rigs and equipment carriers we respond to clients' needs for specialized drilling and environmental services with competence and reliability at any location; wet or dry, downtown in a city centre, or in a sensitive land preserve.

We have experienced successful growth by maintaining a conservative financial policy, high employee retention, and meeting our customers' needs and demands. With these attributes Beck has been able to parallel the growth of Canada's economy and related infrastructure in all areas including Civil Construction, Mining and Energy, Exploration, Environmental, and Water Management.

Our clients have come to expect responsible, efficient, turnkey drilling solutions. They provide continuous feedback regarding our outstanding customer service, dependability, and availability - even before and after office hours.

We provide a unique combination of equipment and personnel. Well-trained personnel, multiple office locations, and our extensive list of assets and systems allow for an unbeatable combination, unparalleled in the industry in Western Canada.

At BECK we continue to focus on growth and innovation and have set the standards in the industry for successfully completing the most challenging of projects and exceeding our customers' expectations.

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Waste streams generated by oil and gas production pose a hazard to human health and safety, threaten the environment, and represent risk to a company's bottom line/profitability. We are dedicated to providing professional, ethical and safety-minded service by equally prizing our commitment to productivity and our respect for employees.


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CCS’ Onsite Environmental Solutionshelp immediately reduce the environmental impact, transport costs and risks of moving waste offsite. Risk and waste right at source.


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Exceeding acceptable environmental standards, CCS constructs, owns and operates engineered landfills providing cost-effective environmentally responsible solutions to long-term liability and risk associated with oilfield waste and contaminated solids.