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By: Cbm Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Gas Shales

Reservoir access is key to exploitation of unconventional gas reservoirs. CBM Solutions' geomechanical stratigraphy program is specifically designed to provide our clients with the necessary rock mechanical properties that are critical for borehole stability and frac design. When our geomechanical stratigraphy is linked with our stress sensitivity permeability analyses, our clients are armed with the key tools for screening gas shales and coal seams for exploration and exploitation through optimization of drilling and completions.

All mechanical tests are carried out using a servo controlled triaxial apparatus under prescribed stress states and pore pressures. We can deform whole core samples ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches in diameter, alleviating the necessity of recoring existing core. In addition, we measure ultrasonic compressional and shear-wave velocities to collect dynamic elastic moduli that can be used for calibration of sonic logs.

Our goal is to provide our clients key rock mechanical data and relevant interpretative support in a timely manner so that the completion design can be used on the same well from which the analyzed cores are collected.

Keywords: Gas Shales

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CBM Solutions - GasShales

The analytical techniques are designed-for-purpose and are based on the recognition that conventional rock analyses and coalbed methane protocols are, for the most part, not applicable to tight, fine grained rocks. Our protocol begins with assisting where necessary with well design, continues at the well site, through to the laboratory and numerical analyses and culminates with successful well development.


CBM Solutions - LaboratoryAnalyses

Our gas shale protocol includes mineralogy by XRD, thin sections, SEM and fracture analyses, total organic carbon and Rock Evaluation, permeability by Hg immersion, crushed samples and under reservoir conditions, porosity to various gases and Hg porosimetry.


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Each mobile laboratory is equipped with core description and sampling facilities, canister desorption racks capable of holding 200, 13" canisters as well as our mini canisters, water baths for desorption at reservoir or fluid temperatures, and gas chromatography for on-site gas analyses. CBM Solutions' laboratories are self contained units that meet all WCB requirements in Alberta and British Columbia for working on site.