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By: Cathedral Energy Services  09-12-2011
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Quality Equipment

Cathedral Energy Services prides itself on providing equipment designed and built with quality, not cost, as the determining factor. Stringent QA/QC procedures combined with extensive personnel training ensure that the best product is put into the field.

Products and Services:

  • Performance drilling mud motors
  • String stabilizers and near bit stabilizers
  • Mud motor stabilizers and offset pads
  • Crossover subs
  • Floats, float subs, and protectors
  • Single shot kits
  • Slick and flex non-magnetic drill collars
  • Engineering and well planning services

Mud Motors

Cathedral Energy Services' mud motors are maintained at our motor repair facilities in Nisku, Alberta, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Casper, Wyoming, Washington, Pennsylvania and Houston, Texas. We have instituted a comprehensive maintenance program which includes standardized job procedure manuals for the assembly and disassembly process.

Cathedral Energy Services is committed to providing the highest quality products available. Our service technicians use practical experience to assure this quality and are empowered to solve problems at every stage of the repair and maintenance cycle.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we only supply reliable and innovative equipment and mud motors. Our mud motors are specifically designed to accommodate the increased loads associated with newer higher performance power sections and has several advantages over previous generations of drilling mud motors, including:

  • Increased rate of penetration;
  • Upwards of double the torque capacity of conventional drilling motors;
  • Allows the customer to select more aggressive bits and drill with substantially higher weight of bit capacity;
  • Allows reduction in drill string rotary RPM thereby reducing wear on drillstring and casing;
  • Longer mud motor life due to rotor stator design;
  • Pressure balanced seal design;
  • If polycrystalline diamond compact "PDC" bits are to be run they depend on RPM to make hole, and performance mud motors are able to deliver the RPM to the bit;
  • Performance mud motors provide more effective control over deviation and doglegs;
  • Component tracking system.

We currently stock a selection of over 500 plus mud motors in our fleet, ranging in size from 3 1/8" to 9 1/2".

Quality Control and Maintenance Program:

Cathedral Energy Services' downhole tools are maintained at our Nisku, Alberta, Casper, Wyoming, Washington, Pennsylvania, Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta motor repair facilities. We have instituted a comprehensive maintenance program which includes standardized job procedure manuals for the assembly and disassembly process. As part of the comprehensive maintenance program, all tubular components are inspected for thread and fatigue damage, and magnetism. Each mud motor is then degaussed and placed on our dynamometer which additionally verifies the force and torque capabilities.

Our mud motor fleet is also monitored through our "Continuous Improvement Process ("CIP")", which allows us to track individual component life history. This process provides us the ability to predict component life cycles and implement design modifications for continuous improvement and reliability.


Experience breeds excellence and Cathedral Energy Services uses this experience to provide solutions to customers' drilling challenges 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week. Our technical support personnel have the knowledge to assist you in selecting the right size, speed, and configuration of mud motors, jars, and shock tools for all your drilling requirements. This includes hot hole, invert, underbalanced, and performance drilling applications.

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