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By: Canada Bridges  09-12-2011

by Donna Kennedy-Glans (from Wednesday’s Globe and Mail; Published Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2011 2:00AM EDT) The Arab Spring has moved into its next season: Arab Summer. In the natural world, summer is the time for flowering blossoms to progress their journey to mature fruit. Yet, this summer, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t feel a few [..]

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TUNIS, Tunisia – In the cruise ship brochures, Tunisia is a land of endless sandy beaches, warm Mediterranean waters, ancient ruins and welcoming bazaars.


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Bridges’ Founder, Donna Kennedy-Glans, recently became a “Godmother”, joining a global network of “men and women who think women everywhere deserve a chance. Together they’ll watch over UN Women, help keep it on track and protect it from people who’d like to see it fail – everything a good godmother would do. By making sure UN Women gets the powers and funding it needs, The Godmothers can make life better for millions of women worldwide..