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By: Cam-mac Group  09-12-2011

H-Bac 1: H-Bac 1 is a blend of non-pathogenic engineered bacteria chosen to promote exceptional production of extra cellular enzymes to facilitate the degradation of hydrocarbons. The particular strains of engineered bacteria are non-pathogenic and are naturally occurring at different levels in certain soil types.

Most soils only have populations of bacteria in the top few inches. The bacterial count in H-Bac 1 is 1900 Billion/Gallon ( 140 billion per oz dry ) and an initial spike dosage is added to establish a viable population count(over 3 million per oz of soil). It is common practice to reintroduce subsequent doses of H-BAC 1 to maintain an effective level of viable organisms throughout the soil matrix.

The population levels, and thus the rate of hydrocarbon degradation are site specific and are entirely dependent upon certain limiting factors. The strains of bacteria are facultative and able to metabolize under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Soil pH levels may need to be adjusted.

H-BAC 1 also contains a blend of stabilized enzymes capable of hydrocarbon degradation. The fact that the stabilized enzymes are already present in the formulation gives H-BAC 1 the unique advantage in that the process of hydrocarbon degradation can begin immediately upon introduction into the soil matrix. The process is not dependent upon the bacteria beginning to metabolize and begin the production of extra cellular enzymes necessary for the degradation of hydrocarbons.

SUR-FACT: SUR-FACT consists of an entirely biodegradable blend of surfactants and penetrants that facilitate the degradation of hydrocarbons by making the hydrocarbon molecules more readily accessible to the enzymes and microorganisms. SUR-FACT attacks the bonds formed between the hydrocarbon and soil particulates thereby allowing degradation of the hydrocarbon molecules. 

Microbial Hydrocarbon Degrader - MHD-1: Cam-Mac's MHD-1 has been specifically formulated for oil field and refinery wastes. For use in waste treatment systems, oil sludge farming operations and spill clean-up situations. Designed to deal with wastes resulting from pumping, distilling, fractionation, alkylation and polymerization processes where wastes are usually of large volume containing high suspended and dissolved solids, surfactants, oil, wax, sulfides, mercaptans, phenolic compounds' cresylates, and other hydrocarbon based conpounds.

Cam-Mac's Microbial Hydrocarbon Degrader is a formulation of naturally occurring microbes and biochemical accelerators. The unique combination of cultures MHD-1 rapidly degrades various hydrocarbons and organic chemicals which may be toxic, inhibitory or bioresistant to natural microbial populations. The microbial protoplasm produced is a biodegradable source of food for higher life forms.

Cam-Mac's Microbial Hydrocarbon Degrader, by virtue of its unique formulation, is also well suited to augment the performance of oily sludge farming operations and hazardous spill clean up operations. MPH-1 should be applied in conjunction with an application augmentation program provided by a Cam-Mac consultant.

* Highly effective petroleum degrader.
• Adds nutrients to soil as it breaks down the oil.

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