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By: Calmena Energy Services  09-12-2011

State of the art techniques

We constantly update our microseismic methods and offerings. By staying on top of new unconventional resource play knowledge and exploitation techniques we bring you the most advanced best practices.

Improved well completions

By combining Calmena's Canadian logistical expertise with Apex/HiPoint’s seismic data acquisition systems, proprietary processing and fracture engineering expertise, we have the flexibility to change fracture stimulation procedures in near real time (minutes). This lets us provide you with improved well completions.

Higher production rates

Our proprietary processing and fracture engineering expertise gives us the power to deliver higher production rates. Preventing fracture propagation into nearby water bearing units provides the input to keep pumping when good in-zone fracture development is observed. Microseismic monitoring of the stimulation provides an actual measurement of the stimulated rock volume (SRV) to compare to the frac design models.

Optimized Reservoir Exploitation

  • Innovative hydraulic fracture engineering
  • Leading edge seismic mapping and evaluation
  • Identify stimulated reservoir volume
  • Real-time assessment and adaptive fracture management

Fracture imaging methodology

  • High confidence micro-seismic event location
  • Large vertical aperture receiver array(s)
  • Multi-component sensors
  • Kirchhoff depth migration vs. dated earthquake location methods
  • Advanced seismic imaging technology
  • Superior accuracy with high level of certainty
  • Sophisticated 3D viewing software (Fractor)
  • Industry leading fracture analysis and stimulation treatment evolution

Confident imaging solutions at the greatest value and lowest cost

  • Downhole monitoring from well(s) of opportunity
  • Large receiver array densely sampled greatly increases imaging distances

Fit for purpose shallow (150m wellbore) monitoring arrays can be configured to fit terrain, access, and seasonal issues to monitor any size pad or regional development strategy.

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