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By:  09-12-2011
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Mortgage Renewals:

Is your mortgage term up for renewal? Before you simply accept your current lenders terms, be sure to

. Many homeowners simply take the renewal quote offered by there existing lender without realizing that a mortgage broker could save them up to one percentage point off the posted rate. We will customize the mortgage that optimizes your unique needs and maximizes your savings. With over 50 lenders competing for your business, this can translate into thousands of dollars in savings over your term. Also, many times lenders offer special rates or volume bonuses discount rates. To ensure that you get the best rate, it’s best to

at least four months before your renewal. Starting early can be a real money saver because we can usually guarantee our rates for 60-120 days. Should rates drop in the meantime, you would of course get the lower rate. Call for your free rate quote today.

Refinances / Debt Consolidations:
If you have high interest credit cards, car or loan payments, a debt consolidation may be an ideal solution. A consolidation could save you thousands in interest, reduce your monthly payments and save you the headache of having to pay numerous monthly bills. In addition, by paying off these outstanding debts you will see an improvement in your credit rating and strength.

High interest credit cards, loans and debt can be a significant financial burden. See the difference that one low monthly payment can make.


Existing mortgage: Payment
Total $1939
New mortgage: Payment




That’s a savings of $602 per month! This money can be put towards investments, vacations, children’s education or whatever you please.

Bankruptcy/Credit Issues:
Have you had some credit problems in the past, late payment or bankruptcy? There is no reason for these previous circumstances to prevent you from purchasing your dream home. There are a variety of lenders who will provide you with mortgage financing, even up to 100% in some circumstance, so that you can own the home of your dreams today! Contact us for more details.

A mortgage pre-approval will guarantee your mortgage amount, monthly payment and interest rate for a period between 60-120 days. This will allow you to search for your dream home with negotiating power and ease. A pre-approval can be provided in as quickly as 4 hours of application.

Additional Services:

  • Second Mortgages
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Vacation, recreation and investment properties.
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Keywords: Mortgage, Mortgage Broker