Traditional Japanese Sword and Aiki instruction

By: Calgary Rakushinkan  21-05-2012
Keywords: Martial Arts, Japanese, Training

Training at Rakushinkan includes iaido/iaijutsu (Japanese sword drawing), kenjutsu (japanese sword fighting techniques), aikido and aikijujustu (two rwlated forms of unarmed self defense).

Iai, kenjutsu and aiki form a trinity. These arts are entirely complementary and the study and practice of all three accelerates and enhances understanding of each individual element as all are based on Japanese sword theory.

Center your mind. Move from your center. Become one with your sword whether that sword is a real sword or and opponents arm. Develop your ki. Move in "one".

Keywords: Aikido, Japanese, Japanese Sword, Martial Arts, Martial Arts School, Samurai, Sword, Training