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By: Calgary Cycle  09-12-2011
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Custom Bike Fit - $79.99
Custom Full Suspension Tuning - $59.99
Custom Mountain Bike Set Up (Fit and Suspension) - $119.99

Trek Fit System

Traditional bike fitting approaches (tool kits, articles, etc.), are based on formulas and key measurements. Typically these systems fit the rider to the bike. The Trek Fit System is a program that addresses each person on an individual basis taking into account each person’s anatomy, flexibility, range of motion, and riding style thereby fitting the bike to the rider.

The Trek Fit System takes bike fitting a step further by employing body alignment principles learned from biomechanics and flexibility. By assessing imbalances and misalignments in the body we can establish good alignment and determine the range of motion of the body. These two principles are used to diagnose each person’s flexibility level and alignment problems to determine the “best fit” for them on their bike.

As bike fitters it is valuable to understand the biomechanics of the body as well as the physical mechanics of the bicycle. Our bike fitters understand the alignment factors involved in riding a bike and how to accomplish this for each individual through the fitting process. This will be taught, not just as a series of measurements, but also by recognizing good alignment through visual assessment.

A good fit program completes the bike buying experience. Armed with the knowledge of how to properly size a bicycle to a complete body fitting, this program helps to ensure that we can address the full spectrum of a rider’s needs in a confident and professional manner. Proper bike fitting provides the customer more enjoyment and comfort on the bicycle. As bike fitters, our commitment is to address each person with an open mind to determine their personal fit needs.

Custom Suspension Tuning

Here at Calgary Cycle it’s our belief that the ride quality of a full suspension bike is only as good as its set up. With the advancements in suspension technology it is critical that the bike is set up to match the weight and riding style of the rider. We always set up full suspension bikes by sag, which is the amount the suspension compresses when the rider sits on the bike. When the suspension sag is set correctly the bike will not just react to bumps but to the terrain. Essentially the wheels will track the ground. Once correct sag has been set the next step is to adjust the dampers. Properly tuned dampers control the speed and resistance of the suspension allowing for more control and compliance.

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