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By: Brandfx Body  09-12-2011

BrandFX makes a point to Buy, Make, and Sell U.S.A. products whenever possible. We know that’s important. The can do spirit that inspired the first BrandFX Body, is strong and alive in millions of kindred spirits across America. Forging new businesses, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Experts, Linemen… They’re creating new jobs, rebuilding America, and learning new innovative skills in sustainable energy. We’re honored to work and learn along side you as we strive for better, more sustainable, innovative solutions. These hardworking experts are the backbone of BFX

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Secure, 100% encapsulated, and transfer from truck to truck without unloading. A truck with an Insert has a lower up front cost, and higher resale. Use of the life of 2-3 trucks for additional life and ROI. Same amount of workspace, with side and rear access. Vans don’t age gracefully or get the best MPG. No more climbing into a van for tools. Do you own or operate a van fleet.


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FX Toppers are designed for easy removal and offer shelving, drawer, cabinet, and lighting options that make your truck a more productive mobile storage space and workplace. BrandFX Toppers are made from advanced, lightweight FX Composite and fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup models and bed sizes.


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That means, if strength is important, the object would require 3 x’s the amount of Aluminum to equal the strength of steel. Since Aluminum is also 1/3 the weight of steel, now both structures would be equal in weight– What was the point again. Simply defined, it’s the description of an object’s tendency to be deformed elastically when a force is applied. The modulus of elasticity of Aluminum of any grade, is only about 1/3 that of steel.