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By: Boldly Beautiful  09-12-2011

Spiritual Treatments

At all times, one repeated comment about me has been that I always see the best in people. While this quality is good and rare, it has also got me into hot water, so to speak, with being hurt by many people. Still, I chose deliberately to stay true to this part of my nature and in so doing I am able to offer this service to you.

It is often very difficult for us, as individuals, to hold positive visions and “treat” ourselves with affirmations that will radically improve our circumstances, whether it be in the area of Love, Health, Wealth, Success or Perfect Self-expression.

Spiritual treatments do that for you and with you; they are powerful and they work.

All that is required of you is a belief in God (according to your particular religion) or a higher power.

These treatments have helped thousands of people for the past 85 years and I look forward to creating miracles in your life, using them for you and with you.

Please select the area of your life you would like transformed below.

Intuitive Consultations

Dawn is a third generation claircognizant. What this means simply is that Dawn just knows things.
As a certified Medium, Angel Therapy® Practitioner and Six-Sensory® Practitioner, Dawn is also able to help individuals and couples find practical and effective solutions to any problem, issue or question they are facing at the time.

One of Dawn’s unique gifts that she has created to add to her consultations is the ability to transform problems and troubling questions to ones that are empowering to begin with and then the guidance is channeled to her from that positive standpoint. It has been very effective in giving her clients the power and ability to transcend their lives on a long term basis.

Even one consultation is worth its weight in gold and you are worth the investment!