By: Big Sky Call Centres  09-12-2011
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In the event of a catastrophic event and your company needs to deliver hundreds of messages, within minutes, to residents or occupants of a potentially hazardous area, what is your plan?

Big Sky's high capacity emergency response dialer can simultaneously call thousands of preloaded names and numbers in the event of an emergency.

Emergencies aren't planned, but your response plans can be.

Our Emergency broadcast system can deliver life saving alerts recorded by your company's incident commander or health and safety coordinator to an unlimited amount of recipients in a mater of minutes. Let the experts at Big Sky Call Centers help you implement a cost effective and fail safe emergency response plan.

Our emergency broadcast software requires no manpower to operate, yet can do the work of hundreds of volunteers or employees.

During crisis communications:

  • Our reporting software will confirm which calls were successfully delivered and the time the message was received.
  • Our auto dialer will deliver duplicate messages to ensure messages are recorded on answering machines or voice mail.
  • Our Smart dialer is adaptive technology that can respond to fax machines by sending a fax or redialing a busy number.

Here's how Big Sky can help:

  • Big Sky provides Canada's only fully digital voice broadcast system.
  • Big Sky specializes in high speed voice broadcasting.
  • Big Sky has the capacity to deliver 1000's of calls per hour.
  • Big Sky has specialists to help with message design and delivery.
  • Big Sky's self managed web portal is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Emergency notification can be activated in minutes.
  • Emergency response requires no extra manpower. While hundreds of people may be needed to knock on doors or staff phones, activating Big Sky's Emergency Response, call-out system
    can be done by a single person.

Advantages of Emergency Response over other communications media:

Total control over the message. With auto-dialing, you decide what you want to say, who says it and how they say it. On the other hand, news reporters and announcers will re-write or alter the information they get to emphasize the points.

Immediate information broadcasting. An auto-dialed message can take a few minutes to prepare before the first calls are made. Issuing press releases or going door to door can take considerably longer.

Virtually everybody has a resident or a cell phone but not everyone has a TV or radio, and fewer still have them on at the critical time. The phone is always on.

Emergency notification auto-dialed messages can be programmed like an opinion poll, to receive feedback. Residents can push buttons on their phone pads or give voice responses to questions indicating they need further information. With TV and radio, feedback isn't possible.

People can be immediately directed to Big Sky's call center on request.

People can leave messages that can be returned.

Our auto-dialing system can also be programmed to send faxes to numbers where fax machines are detected. The fax can be a simple substitute for the voice message or a more complex fax.

Our reporting software will confirm which calls were successfully delivered and the time the message was received.

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