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By:  09-12-2011
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Clean, sleek and easy to maintain, wood leaves a jaw-dropping impression in any room of your home or business. From elm, bamboo, pine, and exotics, wood has  quickly become one of the most popular flooring choices. It is also versatile, doing double duty with beauty and durability. To mix things up and add a bit of comfort and warmth for your feet, wood flooring can be nicely paired with area rugs.

Things to consider:

Hardwood, although beautiful, also has some sensitivity. Your new flooring may require some upkeep such as refinishing every third or fourth year, depending on the manufacturer and style. Scratches and dents are natural for wood, so expect to either fill or repair these. As well, wood is affected by humidity, or in Calgary’s case, a lack thereof. Be prepared to see gaps between the planks and consider installing a humidifier on your furnace system.

Hot item:

Consider investing in bamboo, a renewable resource that offers an assortment of styles and colours.

Keywords: bamboo, Flooring, Wood

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Linoleum, Vinyl Sheet Flooring, Fiber Floor

All of these choices are perfect for bathrooms because some products, such as linoleum contains linseed, which is a natural antibacterial agent. Similar to Luxury Vinyl Tile, linoleum, vinyl sheet tile, and fiber floor can be firm yet comfortable to step on, easy to clean and maintain. Make sure all seals are in tact to prevent mold which can develop underneath.


Berry Flooring - tile

While tile and stone create an awesome and artistic look, textured varieties can be hard on the feet and smooth tiles can be dangerously slippery. As natural as you can get, stone and tile are part of the rugged, earthy look many home and business owners are striving for. Ideal for entries, bathrooms, basements and hallways, tiles are a durable product of choice.


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This high-quality flooring offers less slippage and great flexibility and the finish doesn’t require regular waxing—just wash with a light cleaning agent. Unlike wood, cork or natural stone/tile, vinyl patterns can be predictable, which means you will have to live with the same geometric design. Fiber Floor brings imagination to life with an array of colourful designs and flexibility to make your child’s playroom an adventure.


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Easy on the environment, flexible and simple to keep clean, cork is a good consideration for bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms and spas. Cork may be a bit soft in an office setting, as heavy desks and equipment may permanently dimple the flooring. Cork typically has a slightly textured surface, which helps prevent slip ups. Its natural hues and designs blend well with almost every decorating scheme.


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Depending on your lifestyle, usage, traffic and home styling, carpet can also increase the value in your home, with fashionable colours and textures that leave a lasting impression. For almost every room or setting, carpet can offer warmth and comfort, as well as anchor your furnishings and other flooring treatments throughout your home.