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By: Beretta Protective Services International  09-12-2011

Beretta Protective Services International Inc. has one of the largest mobile divisions in Western Canada with 20 vehicles (and growing!) on the road nightly in Edmonton and Calgary.

A mobile patrol usually consists of interior, exterior and fence line patrols.  Each client's needs are specific to the individual location and type of property patrolled.  We offer timed lock ups and unlocks as well as check boiler rooms and specific areas of the site to ensure minimum damage should anything go wrong.  Recently, there is an upward trend with having Beretta patrol parking lots and enclosed parking due to an increase in vehicle break ins and theft.

A uniformed security guard will do from 1 to 10 patrols per night for your site, at random times throughout a 12 to 24 hour period, depending on what your requirements are.

Our company policy is no "drive bys".  Which means our drivers are expected to get out and physically patrol the property, checking access points, doors, windows, gates etc.

Beretta Protective Services International Inc. provides stationary guard services as well.

A stationary security guard is a person that stays on site, during a set number of hours. This person is expected to provide services as required by the client. The services range from timed lockups and unlocks of the property to exterior, interior, fence line, material and equipment patrols. This service is very effective for clients such as construction sites, and high-rises, as well as large apartment complexes and shopping malls.  This is a good service to those people who want to know every detail of the day-to-day activities of their site, while they're away. The services provided by a stationary guard is, in most cases, very flexible to the individual client. For example, should the client require a detailed account of people on site, the security guard can sign people in and off the site.

One of the advantages to having one of the largest mobile security divisions in Western Canada is our response times to alarms services is second to none.  Beretta has one of the best reputations in Calgary and Edmonton, for having response times of 15 minutes or less. Contact your alarm monitoring station today to find out which security company, you have responding to your alarms.

As previously stated, Beretta Protective Services International Inc. has 40 man and dog teams (across Alberta!).  Our canine teams are priceless and a valuable support to our mobile and stationary divisions.  Our canine teams are used for high risk job sites, response calls, mobile division and anywhere the client wants a canine presence on site.

Our dogs are not multi -handled, which means one dog per dog handler.  This ensures mental stability and good work teams.

Special Events Security Services is, another one of our services.  We are known to provide professional and courteous services for large functions.  Our minimum is 1 Security Guard for every 50 patrons expected to attend.

This is by no means any less important than a Stationary Guard or Mobile patrol.  Beretta Protective Services International Inc. provides many services that are not offered anywhere else in the city.  We specialize in tenant evictions and have been instrumental in removing tenants that are a destructive and often damaging to apartment management.  Both Barry Sharkey and Paul Senecal are up to date on the process of eviction and often consult with Resident Managers in the legalities of the eviction process.

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