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By: Benchmark Data  09-12-2011
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Computer Systems

Laptop Packages - All laptop packages come standard with a Pelican case, the latest Toshiba laptop (S1 or S2), and a Brother MFC 6 in 1 multifunction printer, surge protector for poor power conditions and all necessary peripherals needed, including external optical mouse and keyboard. All systems come standard with XP Pro and Antivirus software.
* All computer packages can be upgraded to suit client's specification upon request.

Tower Packages

- All Tower Packages include a loaded HP tower with 17" LCD monitor and Laser Printer. These packages come with all equipment including surge protector and cables. All tower packages come fully tested and updated with the latest software.

* All computer packages can be upgraded to suit client's specifications up on request.

Wireless Rig Intercoms

Benchmark's wireless rig intercoms are totally encrypted for complete security. These intercoms contain explosion proof phones for hazardous areas as well as long range cordless phones for any trailers or command centers on locations. Our completely wireless phones are expandable to 8 regular handsets and 3 explosion proof phones. Benchmark's wireless intercom was built to surpass class 1 division 2 codes, and all features of the system adhere to FCC and CRTC regulations. Our wireless intercom is also able to turn the lease into a wireless hotspot by using the existing internet connection and allowing anyone (with authorization) to connect to the internet. Benchmark's technicians will be required for the initial install of the system, after that no more work is required, even for moves.

Cellular Fax Packages

Digital Faxing Packages - Faxing over the digital network is now possible using the new Phonecell SX5 package. This system allows a user to talk, send, and receive faxes using a standard G3 fax machine. Also has a built in 1x connection giving an average internet connection speed of 56k. This system is housed in a pelican case for easy and protective shipping and handling.

Analog Bag Phone Packages - Our cellular fax package contains a compact plain paper fax machine and data interface for dialing up to either your private network or to the internet using your just you cellular phone. All of this equipment is housed in a protective pelican case for easy handling and shipping of the equipment.

Cellular Repeaters

Our heavy duty Cellular Repeater boosts all signals including Analog (AMPS), CDMA Digital, and 1xRTT. This repeater is the strongest on the market enabling signal gains of up to 110dB. This repeater is housed in a heavy duty NEMA 4A enclosure giving it the ability to perform in even the coldest of weather conditions. A Benchmark Data Solutions technician is required to initially set up the repeater, and can train the workers to set up the repeater after moves.

Telus Air Cards

These air cards run off the Telus CDMA 1x RTT system and allow any laptop an average upload and download speed of 56k with bursts of up to 115k. All connections use a 128bit encryption for security for use even on high security wells and jobs. The 1x card can also be used to dial in, and send and receive reports that use a modem based connection.

Satellite Phones

MSAT - These phones are fully transportable with a built in antenna in the lid and are capable of uninterrupted voice, and data services at 4800 bps. All MSAT phones have fax capabilities with an optional Spacefax interface. These satellite phones are very reliable and easy to use. Airtime usage rates are the most economical on the market.


V-Sat Satellite Dishes - Our telecommunications grade satellite dish comes with dedicated bandwidth allowing users a high sustainable upload/download. Standard upload speeds are 128 kbps and download speeds exceeding 1.15 mbps. All satellite dishes come with two phone/fax lines allowing the users to send and receive faxes anytime. Voice line is the same quality as a typical landline while cutting your cellular and satellite phone expenses by up to 90%. Our system gives the user 2 local Calgary numbers with all the security of a satellite system.

VoIP Adapters - Benchmark Data Solutions has developed a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) / FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) adapter that allows a user to connect their own phone and fax machine to any internet connection and make and receive calls just like they are in Calgary. No matter where they are in the world, whether you are in a camp in the NWT or off the coast of Venezuela, with any internet connection you are able to talk and send and receive faxes with out any configuration or set up, cutting your communications costs by up to 90 %. Our system was developed to use on any satellite system even where the connection is poor. Now you can take our specially designed phone adapter package from any drilling rig to a base camp to your house, simply by plugging in to your internet connection and within 10 seconds you are up and going again.

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Plant operators; imagine linking your hi-speed connection between field plants and turning each plant into a hotspot allowing Blackberries and Palm Pilots to be used and production data to be transferred with out even leaving the truck.