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By: Beacome Healing Doctor with us  23-06-2016
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Hello, I am Susan (Tina) I Teach coach, Guide that you can become Healing Doctor. The best job there is to Heal yourself, family, friends and having it as job Healing-reaching others. I have 40 years life journey-researcher as experience and 21 years’ experience with families and children as ECE so I am related well to all ages and stages of Development. My website is Doctor Heal: Be sure to visit prior to make appointments. As addition, I am a new author of Healing book” Awakening POWER of Miracle Bracelet” hoping soon to be publish. This book explore most of Healing Therapy and general understanding of Healing Doctor, Healing Phenomenon’s, Reality from model Reality, Deep Conscious Mind, Higher self, Higher Power, Lucid dream, Spirit and our connections, Death, Negative or blocked Energy, Healing Life(Life Coach), Healing Body, Mind, Spirit and many more. As result, you will understand how Healing Doctor born. Now, Healing Doctor takes New students if you are interested to become Healer, Healing Doctor and Learn everything I mentioned on my book, please email us. “”101 Teaching Lessons NOT a classroom setting, via online, skype, call and once a week visit at your own home. Low in cost so you can afford to do what you love the most. Some-Teaching Key offerings: Healing Hand, Healing Meditation, Healing Therapy, Healing Energy, Healing Earth Therapy, Healing 8 Breathe of Life Therapy, Healing Diet, Healing Cancer, cancer cell, Pain management therapy, Healing weight issues, anorexia, anosmia, depression, Healing Health- over all, Healing the Body- Mind- Spirit, Healing negative Energy, connecting to Spirit, Closing sorrows door for pass away love ones, Bring joy-peace in therapy, Teaching Lucid Dream, Deep conscious Mind Healing, Higher-self, Higher conscious, Healing Therapy Woks well for all ages (5 month old-adulthood) and Pets. Thus, your client will be a combination of all if you wish. For more detailed information’s and offering email us and visit our Website. Twitter (Susan [email protected]), Like us and be part of the circle in our Facebook (Susan Ay), we are new and growing!

Keywords: Healing Body and Mind, Healing Health, Healing Meditation, Healing Pets, Healing Therapy 101 Teach,