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By: Be A Parenting Pro  09-12-2011
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Whether you are a student deciding on a career path for the first time or someone thinking of changing jobs for the seventh, a career assessment will help you navigate the world of possibilities and reduce career-related dissatisfaction. A career assessment will also reduce the likelihood that you will be making this same decision again (“What should I be”) a few years from now because it will help you find fulfillment and purpose in a career matched to your interests, values, and abilities.

Psychoeducational Assessments

If you are worried about your child’s progress in school, you need answers that will lead to strategies that make school a more rewarding experience. The Comprehensive Learning Assessment Method™ for psychoeducational testing ensures that your child’s needs are accurately pinpointed so that the right treatment plan follows. Every student deserves the promise of the opportunities afforded by education, but many need support to fully benefit from this promise and reach their potential.

The Cognitive Coaching Method™ provides individuals who have disabilities with the tools they need to find fulfillment in the social (home, school and community) and employment world. What’s more, the Cognitive Coaching Method ™ can equip parents to skillfully deal with challenging behavior, foster decision-making skills, and build independence in their child, while remaining a trusted mentor.

Using the Cognitive Coaching Method ™, highly skilled Cognitive Coaching Specialists deliver personalized programs in:

  • Social Coaching – developing knowledge and practical skills to help your child understand and behave in accordance with social rules and convention, fostering opportunities for personal dignity and new friendships, and safeguarding your child against abuse.
  • Academic Coaching – using the Take FLITE™ method to effectively address your child’s academic challenges by training new skills at the brain-level and putting into place missing academic strategies needed for educational success.
  • Employment Coaching – providing support to the employer and the employee to ensure each person has a fair opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the workplace.
  • Parent Coaching – offering an approach based on mutual respect and dignity, and assisting parents in developing specific plans and strategies to address the challenges present within their family when raising a child with special needs.

Other Services For Families

  • Counselling
    • for adults
    • for children and teens
    • for families
  • The Successful Parent’s Toolbox Seminar Series:
    • Raising a Confident Child
    • Raising an Optimistic Child
    • Raising a Responsible Child
    • Raising an Assertive Child
    • Raising a Secure Child
  • Cognitive Training
    • PACE © (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement): Trains multiple cognitive efficiency abilities. Ideal for individuals with learning disabilities.
    • MTC © (Master the Code): Reading & Spelling Program

Keywords: school