Selling Your Business: Creating a Legacy

By: Bcms Corporate  09-12-2011

BCMS Corporate is a leading middle market investment bank specializing in sell-side advisory services. We employ over 200 professionals across four continents, yet we remain driven by our founding values and commitment to securing our clients’ futures.

Our founders’ ethos has been instilled deep in the veins of the company; when we sell your business we work tirelessly to uncover its true potential, its ultimate market value and the most favorable terms.

The sale of your business is more than a transaction--it’s a process.

Industry Capabilities

BCMS Corporate specializes in helping you sell your business across a wide array of industries. Our expertise has included the sale of businesses in:

Business Services Engineering Technology & Software
Construction Healthcare Transportation & Logistics
Consumer/Retail HVAC & Electrical Contracting  Waste & Water Treatment
Education Manufacturing Wholesale & Distribution
Energy & Utilities Media & Advertising  

Sell-side Capabilities

At BCMS Corporate our focus is on sell-side advisory services, meaning we can help you sell your business. So, when you are ready to sell your business it’s imperative that you generate interest from a large pool of qualified acquirers. We negotiate the best deal and terms for you while navigating complex legal and financial issues unique to the M&A industry.

In order to help you sell your business, BCMS engages in the following areas of specialty:

  • M&A Research and industry analysis
  • Cross border transactions
  • Identification of acquirers
  • Proactive sales & marketing
  • Financial analysis
  • Exploratory meetings with acquirers
  • Deal negotiations
  • Contacting & pitching prospective acquirers

For more information on how BCMS can help sell your business, call 888-413-2267.

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